Too little but too much physical training leads in most cases to physical and mental ailments as well as diseases

You want to do something for your well-being and health, and preserve your youth and beauty into old age? Move on a regular basis in order to experience mental and physical relaxation. Do you feel more comfortable and active with more vitality and more enjoyment. Conditions for a life of physical, mental and spiritual health are a healthy appropriate nutrition and the right amount of physical activity.

Lack of physical as well as excessive exercise can lead to health problems.

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disorders, weakened blood vessels, inadequate oxygen supply, damage to the digestive organs, muscles enervating, depression, weakened immune system, weakening the body’s own healing potential and generally make you susceptible to diseases. Too much exercise can harm the other hand, too. Extreme performances involve risk of injury with irreversible damage to the musculoskeletal system and can cause premature aging. Physical activities to bring the point of exhaustion, the hormone and immune system off balance, making the healing and regeneration is delayed by bodily tissues.


Signs of overtraining being occur: loss of energy, decreased memory, fatigue, apathy, anhedonia, depression, loss of appetite, to the consequences. In case of excessive physical exertion is consumed in the muscle cells more oxygen than they receive through the lungs and the bloodstream. We call this state as the so-called oxygen debt. To prevent this you should need any kind of activity, especially when running, to always breathe through the nose. If this is not possible, you should reduce the pace until nose breathing is possible again.

Sport should give you pleasure. Let your spirit and inspire your soul from the body produced by the endorphins (happy hormones). Prepare your body gently, slowly and gently with heightened training: For example, in weight training, start with moderate weights and resistance, while running, cycling, swimming, Nordic walking, etc. to the training time and speed can be increased slowly. If you are preparing your body in this way to moderate sporting activities you can age-related signs of wear on joints, tendons and muscles are regenerated.

It’s never too late for the building of viable muscle

Whether young or old, your muscles become stronger by training, younger and show more endurance. Training at any age forces the muscle to create mitochondria, the energy power plants of cells. Your brain also benefited, because they can form between the nerve cells of new information carriers. The road to success leads through endurance and strength. Just by walking you can train yourself to a great endurance. For you to win as much as 70 percent of your performance level. But if you 100 percent more youth seeking more health, then you should at least every other day schedule lasting 30 to 60 minutes weight training. This allows you to train next to the fat-degrading enzymes also muscle mass. Because mainly in the muscles burn fat, even during sleep.