Who has never dreamed of a quality sleep? To find the sleep of the just, the child we were carefree? Today, because of a moribund system, difficult to live, our sleep is disturbed and with him many questions. Because sleep is still a mystery and many sleep experts trying to unravel this mystery. Why do we sleep? We will try to give some answers.

Sleep, this great mystery

For a long sleep could be a source of anxiety, and that, since ancient times. This apparent lack of activity was comparable to the “little death”, because it was difficult to explain what it going on and what was happening. Today, thanks to modern science, we can measure brain activity during this period of inactivity. Four phases seem to be emerging. A phase of sleep during which the brain slows down and calm settles. The deep sleep is characterized by the installation of deep sleep and it will then allow our body to fully recover from physical fatigue. Finally, REM sleep is commonly called “the moment of Dreams” becomes paradoxical sleep because there are signs of awakening (irregular breathing, face anime) by associating signs of deep sleep (muscle weakness). But, on sleep does not mean that we know everything about it.


Sleep while on sleep: why do we sleep?

What we can say is that we sleep because we are tired. Simply. And that sleep is necessary for life. Laboratory studies with rats have shown that sleep deprivation was fatal. Sleep is vital. Our sleep is punctuated by our internal clock that tells us when we should go to sleep. This clock is sensitive to light and synchronizes with the light and dark cycle. How many hours of sleep do we need? Everything depends on our constitution. There is no specific rule, but the average is between 7 and 8 hours. We slept enough when we feel rested and the tasks ahead throughout the day are made ​​with the utmost care.

So, the best sleep?

Not necessarily, because sleep is complex at this stage of our understanding, but studies are ongoing. However, some recommendations are made. To sleep well, make sure that the room is well ventilated, with an ideal temperature and suitable clothing. Attention to noise pollution and, if necessary, do not hesitate to sleep with earplugs. Disruptive elements such as television, computer, phone should be avoided. It is difficult to say anything about sleep solely on the basis of an article, but you can find explanations and advice on this website to overcome insomnia. Sleep remains a mystery since the dawn of time. Therefore, do not hesitate to share your own experiences.