High amounts of work stress may boost the risk of sick leave because of mental health problems, a new research suggests. A study offers found that high amounts of stress at work is linked in order to more leave for mental health issues.

How the research was done

Scientists analyzed data through nearly 12, 000 employees in Sweden. More than five years, about 8 percent from the workers took psychological health sick depart. Three-quarters of people who took mental wellness sick leave had been women. Workers with challenging jobs high work strain and small social support at the office were at higher risk for psychological health sick depart as were individuals with unhealthy lifestyles.

Work stress will make you sick

Smoking was a substantial risk factor with regard to mental health ill leave but alcohol use was not. High levels of exercise reduced the danger of mental wellness sick leave based on the study in the actual August issue from the Journal of Work and Environmental Medication. The findings increase previous research displaying that psychological conditions at work affect rates associated with mental health sick leave and could suggest ways to lessen the risk based on researcher Lisa Mater from the Instituted in Stockholm as well as colleagues.

Interventions to lessen sick leave because of mental disorders that concentrate on improving the psychosocial work place especially reducing higher psychosocial job needs may prove efficient they wrote. Attempts to get workers to consider healthier lifestyles without having also addressing problems at work may be less effective the research authors added.