The women do not notice, but during the ovulation the infections and inflammations nature of bacterial and viral shrink much more easily. During this particular phase of the menstrual cycle, in fact, in which the ovaries produce the leukocyte ready to be (hopefully) fertilized and give rise to a pregnancy, the female body shows a certain lowering of the immune system, probably to “reproductive purposes”, to increase the chances of sperm to fertilize the egg.


In short, a sort of small natural immune surveillance to keep in mind during the whole ‘child-bearing age , because it exposes women more (compared to the remainder of the month), the risk of getting sick (of seasonal flu, for example) , being also of infections intimate as Candida and diseases to sexual transmission . Responsible for this major “weakness” related to the ovarian cycle , it would be the radiologist, a sex hormone that increases vulnerability to systemic fungi ( such as Candida Albanians annoying, head of Canadianism ), viruses and bacteria. To explore this link between female reproductive cycle and increased susceptibility to “attacks” of pathogens , were researchers from Austria and Spain thanks to a joint study published in the Journal of Biology.

“This could be an explanation of why the females during ovulation are more at risk of suffering from diseases such as sexually transmitted ‘ HIV or HPV, “said Miguel Relloso, a researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Hospital Gregorio Maranon and Completeness University of Madrid (Spain). Thanks to tests conducted on the animal model, the researchers were able to demonstrate precisely the role of the hormone radiologist in ‘”lower” the immune system during the adulatory phase. Why it is so important to remember to protect themselves during sexual intercourse with a partner does not “safe” to 100%, and also try to be more careful also to prevent other diseases, such as seasonal infectious.