There are many reasons why diets chasing women, often obsessed with a fanaticism and hedonistic facade, but why this behavior exists and why diets often do not work?

The Magic Wand

The first thing to say is that each of us is unique, has a precise and specific metabolism, has physiological needs, a psychological approach to food and also a symbolic link to it. The need to follow the diet with a good result depends on several factors, but it is certainly possible to argue that there is no magic wand, nothing can happen by magic, not only accelerates the metabolism “consuming an energy bar” and this will not just lose weight if none of the choices are not taken in time-weighted and personalized.


The main goal must be to stay healthy and to accept that with the passing of years can get a few more pounds, but that it remains within acceptable limits is normal! Do not be too hard on yourself in the mirror. Keep in mind that with menopause there is a change, especially hormones. excessive Choices Are there excessive dietary choices, often difficult to follow, such as those where people drink egg whites in excessive amount, or mash that replace entire meals. If at first seem to get good results from these choices, with the passage of time it warns those involved in them a feeling of dissatisfaction related to the fact that there is “chewing food”, which is important not only from a physiological point of view, but also psychological. deceives When the balance diets that promise fast results are the ones that do lose a lot of weight at the beginning, but what exactly is going to lose? Especially liquids, water! Followed by lean body mass and not instantly from fat.

The first results that galvanize leave early in the space of a disappointment for stalling weight! unsustainability fashionable Choose gluten-free food, pol comb soy , fruit juices without sugar, these and other choices made ​​in a newspaper, in time bore our mind over the body, which is why making choices in which the alternatives are few, in the long run does not hold and does not achieve any good results, as well as demoralize a lot! Taxation for the Brain Our brain feels “taxed” when the body is subjected to a diet, then worse if this diet is strict and never allows an exception to the rule!

The mind needs to feel free, that is not overwhelmed by too many impositions that affect food choices . Passing in front of a bakery and smell the bread, is a clear invitation to buy a good loaf of bread, if the diet does not allow, such as those high-protein foods that eliminate strongly carbohydrate, here is that the body will feel a real shortage and will look for the missing food as soon as possible! So be careful to follow diets, especially if supported by a specialist, do not rely on diets DIY advice given by a neighbor or by his friend’s heart , every diet is serious for personalized and unique, based on precise calculations and metabolism, together with the combination with the correct physical activity.