Vitrification of oocytes is an extremely fast technique for freezing oocytes authorized in France. Unlike the slow freezing, practiced until now, vitrification allows better recovery of oocytes. It is commonly used in the medical centers reproductive technology (ART) and allows fertilization and embryo transfer away from the time of collection of the oocytes.

oocyte retrieval

But the average age of first pregnancy increased over the last twenty years, from 21 to 30 years. Because of Smoking widespread among young women, menopause tends him to decline. The period during which women propose to have a baby and can do so reduces dangerously.

In fact, over 37 years, women have a very rapid physiological loss of fertility due to the age of their eggs. This is actually due to the age of the egg, not the woman. We know through egg donation programs. For donation of oocytes from donors who have about 30 years. With embryos, pregnancy rates per donation does not decrease with age beyond 37 years.

The ideal would be to freeze oocytes in young women. Last bioethics law permitted provided that the woman leaves a party for the gift. Rather, the law says that women without children can give their eggs, which was not previously the case since the donor had to be necessarily mothers. The goal of course is to ensure greater availability of oocytes for donation in France. To compensate, so the law provides that non donor mother, may, if it wishes, keep some of the oocytes for itself. However, they are not made available later if it had itself an indication to the GPA.

De facto, the first women who appeared in the ART centers to donate oocytes were women 35 and older childless, moderately interested in the gift, but very interested in self-preservation of their oocytes. However, this raises several questions.

We currently need twenty oocytes baby. At least freeze could therefore only be a false security. Moreover, if we give half, it will necessarily have to make several punctures and ovarian stimulation, which is neither trivial nor free.

It would be logical that national solidarity pays to give equal opportunities to all women regardless of their income, but it is a source of endless spending. One could imagine also freeze the sperm of all young people, not only do medically indicated, as now. But it would be an unjustified astronomical expense, because we still fortunately many babies in a bed.