Since April, the Ministry of Health authorizes the sale of non-prescription drugs on the Internet in France. However, even if our European neighbors are accustomed to this system for a long time, the French are still hesitant to this idea. However, we are lagging in comparison with other countries that make up the European Union! Whether the sale of drugs to the unit or selling products online pharmacy, France is a latecomer.


1. Buy medication online is not dangerous

French consumers are not accustomed to buying drugs on the Internet. It is an act which frightens them. And for good reason: so far fakes online but not really certified drugs were known. It was easy to obtain drugs illegally, without knowing what they were made. Unfortunately, often flour, when it was not worse. But the Ministry of Health supervises strictly the French sale of drugs online. Only licensed pharmacies can sell their drugs (not subject to medical prescription) online. In addition, they must have received a single authorization and are therefore included in the list of licensed pharmacies by MSNA. The online pharmacy must finally be the extension of a physical pharmacy, existing. The counterfeit sites still exist, the user must take care to remain vigilant. If sailing on a site that is not certified, it may fall on the sale of prescription drugs, such as Viagra. These sites are usually located abroad and trafficking of drugs is totally illegal.

2. The accessibility of drugs to remote people

Some people live years in remote rural areas where access to any trade is complicated. The opportunity to buy their products health and well-being directly on the Internet allows them to be delivered to them at home, cheaply (or for free if the order exceeds a certain amount affordable). Delivery is usually fast, between 24 to 72 hours depending on the selected mode.

3. Personalized advice of the pharmacist

One could blame the online pharmacies to promote profit at the expense of customer service. Now everything is done to allow the client to express his questions and direct contact with a pharmacist if you have questions: Q platforms, e-mail, post his number to be called, etc. In addition, the customer can dare to ask questions “taboo”, all these things a bit annoying that it does not dare to approach the pharmacist and even to her doctor. An example would be to digestive problems like hemorrhoids. However, this can be dangerous because some passengers disorders may hide more serious diseases. The review of online pharmacies after a few months of operation is very positive. It remains to customers and other patient to be in the system, to reassure. This service is completely new but quite reliable.