The fruits are excellent for health. However, it is recommended to consume on an empty stomach to take advantage of all its benefits.

Everyone knows fruits are excellent food, and it is necessary to focus on daily to maintain good health. Must still consume correctly and, in particular, absorb an empty stomach. It would be very important rule to follow to receive their full benefits. So says Dr. Victor Javier Chavez Sanchez in a recent publication.

Why Are fruits good food for our health?

According to the author of the article, fruits are the ideal food. They require minimal energy for their digestion and bring a lot to the organization. Consisting mainly of fructose and 90-95% water, they nourish the body while purifying. Sources of vitamins and minerals, fiber content is high (depending on the variety).


The fruits are our allies cardiovascular system

The fruit is also true allies of our heart. Dr. William Castillo, head of the cardiology clinic Framington in Massachusetts, believes that fruits are the best foods to eat to protect against heart disease. In fact, they contain bioflavonoids which prevent blood thickening and clogging of the arteries. They also strengthen the capillaries (fragile capillaries are almost always the cause of internal bleeding and heart attacks).

Why should we eat fruits on an empty stomach?

The fruit is not digested in the stomach, but in the small intestine. They pass quickly through the stomach and then pass into the intestine where they release their sugars. If they find themselves with meat, potatoes or starch, they are blocked by these foods (which they take longer to digest). Thus trapped, vitamins are destroyed and they begin to ferment. This is why some people suffer from bloating after meals.

The rules apply to benefit from nutrient intake of fruits

These simple rules can benefit properly nutrient intake of fruits:

* It is not advisable to eat fruit after a meal,
* Must eat fruit half an hour before breakfast (or other meals) or comply within 4 hours after each meal,
* Buy a blender can be a wise purchase to make oneself fresh fruit juices that keep all the goodness of fruit,
* Fruits on an empty stomach may be accompanied by hot tea,
* Perform this experiment for ten days: start your day by not swallowing that fruit, and that until noon. Longer you will be fruits in the body, the more effective will be great to purify it. You will quickly find that it gives you an astonishing vitality.