Rare are those who have never felt a hint of jealousy. Although it is far from being proof of love, it tends still to achieve is at the other. But if this jealousy was going too far? How to make so that it does not jeopardize our relationship?

A lack of confidence

Although the jealousy appears to be natural, it is the result of a profound lack of confidence in itself. It is as if everything around was better then moved insecurity and the fear of losing the other takes over. At the base, could not be considered as an unhealthy feeling jealousy, it is rather that we do that can become.

When she slips

Jealousy can become an obsession for some people. They totally lost control of their reason and mistrust is still at its peak. They spend most of their time to imagine situations that their partner lives with other people. They have a goal, that of looking for all possible clues that would them discover the terrible ‘truth’, whether the infidelity of the beloved. The anxiety that creates this sense of threat them thinking the worst! Yet, in many cases, the partner has nothing wrong. Each of its facts and gestures is analyzed in great detail, and everything becomes a tangible. Not built, you might say. The partner suffer a lot in this relationship. Despite numerous attempts to reassure, suspicions remain and the relationship becomes very harmful.


The person who suffers from morbid jealousy see self-esteem decrease over the crisis. She is convinced that she deserves the love loved and she will believe that the break is the only way to put an end to this relationship become intolerable. The sense of betrayal has become too hard to believe that the couple can continue. Unfortunately, if a work on oneself is not performed, the next relationship will be as harmful.

The voice of healing

As jealousy becomes not neurotic from one day to the next, it is important to take steps as soon as the first signs. Just be aware that it may become a problem within the couple help to what it is not poisoning the relationship. Here are some concrete if you feel jealousy is too much part of your life.

Look objectively at your partner’s behaviour

A situation you bored and you feel threatened? Take a deep breath, relax and switch roles. In many cases, you will see that your crisis has no place. Put things in perspective helps us to realize that our feelings are perhaps exaggerated.

Analyze the sadness that comes out of your jealousy

Ask you questions when you feel jealousy. Am I afraid of the or lose it? What do I feel rejected, humiliated? Is it really a threat? You can be aware of what lies behind this malaise.


Talk to any of you feel allows it to better understand what is happening in your head. He or she may eventually modify behaviors that hurt.