If we read the newspapers or listen to the news every day we seem to hear a war bulletin: people who have been laid off after killing the former employers, boyfriends killed for defending his partner from violence, the shooting in front of Palazzo Chigi where seriously wounded a policeman. Anger and frustration often, however, they are also self-destructive, just think of the man who, having lost their homes, was burned alive. Stories differ, but the negative feelings that are expressed in the wrong way.

What’s going on? bases of aggression Aggression is an instinct or awareness? A behavior innate or acquired? There are several theories about it, according to studies genetic rabies has a biological basis, as well as the tendency to attack. However they were never identified the genes involved. For studies on social learning, however, you learn to react to the emotions and events by imitation, by observing the behavior of others. Finally, according to other interpretations, anger is the result of negative emotional states originated from unpleasant events. Period of crisis Hostility and anger are very common feelings when the society in which we live through the dark moments.


Behind the social unrest and demonstrations of collective anger is the feeling of not being understood and helped, so violence becomes a cry for help . The government, work and family, should be the anchor of salvation, but are no longer of the cornerstones and then people develop anxieties and doubts. So the lack of certainty, fear for the future and the lack of reference points explode with anger. Along causes of violence has always existed and ditto the rage, but because in recent times is increasingly on the rise? The cause is to be found in a set of typical elements of our time.

Abuse of alcohol and drugs : the excessive consumption of these substances alter brain chemistry and removes inhibitions. Even the energy drink containing caffeine, taurine, guarana and ginseng are designed to give charge and resistance, increasing mental and physical performance, but at the same time give a feeling of strength and power. Use with alcohol give an effect of behavioral dis inhibition.
Virtual communities : incorrect use of the Internet is likely to cause impoverishment and social isolation. Human relations are also used to give vent to their emotions and the absence of these, consequently, leads to exaggerate the problems, fueling negative feelings. In addition, the network will find people who are driven by our own intentions and that somehow support our anger and frustration.
Uncertainty about the penis : finally the aggressive intent is stimulated by the observation of previous cases have gone unpunished. It is shown that appropriate sentences are good deterrents against the desire to emulate.

The signals should not be underestimated

There are some behaviors that need to become suspicious, for example, people very individualistic , concentrate only on themselves or people with no self-esteem individuals are unable to hold even the smallest disappointments . The quarrelsome show an inability to self daily emotions and tend to put their own faults on others. Over time, these people can more easily lose control.