This natural product is very popular among those who want to improve their health in a natural way as well as for those who seek to use vegetable and healthy products for aesthetic purposes. Of course, it is best to make sure that the oil we buy is organic and has not been heavily processed. So, if you want your teeth to look natural and clean again, keep reading this article from HOW to find out how to whiten your teeth with coconut oil what properties does this benefit you and various recipes to use.

Whiten Teeth with Coconut Oil

Thus, thanks to its composition this natural product for the care of our mouth gives us mainly antibacterial properties. This great capacity of this product is beneficial to clarify the tone of the teeth because the accumulation of bacteria causes that our teeth are going dark little by little they become spots until the appearance of the unwanted caries.

In addition, it has been shown that this product from this tropical fruit is very effective against the bacteria Streptococcus mutants’ one of the bacteria that causes more problems in our mouth and, especially, cavities. It also has a great healing power so it helps to strengthen the gums and regenerate damaged areas in the mouth easily and naturally.

Mouthwash with coconut oil

To maximize the antibacterial power of this organic oil is the best way to use it as a mouthwash. The use of vegetable oils as mouthwashes is called oil pulling in English, because it is “push” this product through the mouth to reach all corners of this.

One of the oils most used to treat the mouth is precisely the coconut as it has been shown to help prevent cavities very effectively and regain the natural tone of the teeth. So, if you want to use a natural mouthwash, pay attention to the following lines in which we tell you how to do this treatment:

First, you have to brush your teeth and tongue to remove leftover food. Then heat the can of organic coconut oil a little in the microwave to make it have a softer or even liquid texture. When it is lukewarm, before it becomes solid, take a little with a large spoon. It is advisable to use half tablespoon. Take the indicated amount of this product in your mouth and begin to move it throughout the oral cavity, just like when you use a commercial mouthwash.

You have to hold between 5 and 15 minutes passing the oil from side to side of your mouth and making sure it reaches all corners. It is advisable to start for 5 minutes in a row and with the passage of days and practice, increase the time until you get to hold for 15 minutes. When you finish spit and wait, at least a couple of minutes before rinsing your mouth with water to remove the oil remains if you see it necessary.

This product is suitable for consumption and in fact is commonly used in cooking in various parts of the world. So, do not worry if during this process of oral hygiene you swallow a little. Another common way to whiten and strengthen teeth. Gums eliminating bacteria is to use homemade coconut oil soap rubbing the toothbrush a little every time we go to wash them, as if it were toothpaste, and then rinsing very well with water abundant.

Coconut oil and bicarbonate to remove stains on the teeth

If we want to enhance the effect of this product derived from coconut to brighten teeth as this actually manages to return natural tone and not whitening potent as some chemicals, a good way to achieve this is using baking soda. This is known for its many properties and benefits. Therefore, is widely used both to improve health and beauty.

Another perfect recipe for treating the mouth and whitening our smile is the one that includes turmeric and white clay along with this organic oil. Thanks to a component called cur cumin, this spice contains antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Likewise, the white clay or kaolin has antiseptic, regenerative, astringent and anti-inflammatory abilities.