Often create embarrassment and concern, but rarely talked about: the white discharge vaginal discharge. Secretions are, in most cases, absolutely physiological, more or less dense, which occur especially before the menstrual cycle, during the period of ‘ ovulation or if you are pregnant, when there is a pregnancy in progress. If it is usually a possibility that should not scare you, in some cases, white discharge constant are the symptom of a vaginal infection it is better not to be underestimated, the candida .

What are

Physiological, often disturbing, in some cases, but the whitish discharge with which women, sooner or later find themselves having to come to terms, what exactly are they? It is nothing but mucus produced by the cervical canal with a purpose as noble: to protect the genital areas by cleaning of any “aggressors”, such as bacteria, fungi or bacteria , to prevent them from undisturbed traced back to the uterus. To remember that the white discharge, more or less gelatinous and dense , in many cases occur in bad company, that are accompanied by more or less accentuated discomfort, itching and bad smell.


The causes

Especially when they are sparse, thin, almost transparent and sticky, white losses are attributable to a physiological phenomenon. Secretions are typical of the days before ovulation and the menstrual cycle, a sign of fertility . Often, losses occur when there is a whitish belly, as one of the symptoms in the first months of gestation . Even in this case, everything is normal, because the cervical canal, at the beginning and during pregnancy, increases the production of mucus to protect the uterus and especially the fetus from dangerous incursions of germs & co.

If it is the fault of the vagina

And ‘possible, however, that these losses are a real anomaly caused by the presence of a sexually transmitted disease or infection. An example of all the candida. It is a fungus , an infection that is triggered by a fungus (Candida Albanians). Blame the imbalance of the vaginal flora, linked to a number of factors, from poor hygiene , up stress and fatigue, resulting in lowering of the immune system, to the antibiotic treatment. In addition to the whitish discharge, uninviting looking similar to that of curdled milk, also occur genital itching, pain during intercourse, and burning with urination. To diagnose the presence of this fungus, in addition to the specialist may need a vaginal swab . The white you care with the products from antifungal, to be applied locally or taken orally, for the purpose may be useful also some natural remedies .