With the arrival of summer was settled. Summer is good for the soul, body, and health. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the summer.

While enjoying the summer is primarily enjoy the sun. The sun is a wealth of benefits. Provided enjoy in moderation. By exposing only a quarter of an hour to coolest hours several times a week, it is possible to recover. The light from the sun helps increase the secretion of endorphins naturally, hormones welfare. It promotes sleep at night due to its effect on melatonin. It makes the skin look younger and more elastic. The sun gives the body the essential Vitamin D that can not produce itself. This allows healthy bones and teeth and helps fight against osteoporosis. Finally the sun contributes to the prevention of several types of cancers including those of the skin!

Get back to sport well enjoy the summer

While enjoying the summer, is to enjoy the benefits of sport that promotes summer. Summer is the perfect time to do outdoor sports. Indeed, cycling, swimming, running, endurance sports are also those whose practice releases the highest rate of endorphins. In addition to acting directly on the moral, sport fight against obesity by caloric expenditure it induces. It helps maintain a healthy weight and is very useful in the prevention of cardiovascular disease . The heart increases its power, we are less tired, the brain is better oxygenated, it is faster. A significant advantage when returning to the office. Finally thanks to the many sport associations that exist is a great tool for social integration and essential for making new friends.


Eating fruits and vegetables of the season to fully enjoy the summer

Summer is the season for strawberries, peaches, melon and apricot. But also tomatoes, carrots, zucchini and cauliflower. Summer promotes the consumption of raw vegetables and fresh fruit in the refreshment they provide. All these products are allied health. Their low calorie consumption allows without moderation. Rich in vitamins, they can fight against the tiredness and infections. Dietary fiber they provide combat constipation and promote the prevention of type two diabetes . Strawberry, including a weapon is also recognized against cholesterol. Rich in antioxidants as they contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Get to relax to fully enjoy the summer

While enjoying the summer it is also indulge in the joy of relaxation and the benefits it brings. The dream is essential to move forward. Rousseau in “Reveries of a Solitary Walker” describes the happiness of this state when sitting on the Ile Saint-Pierre, he believes in looking at the sparkle of the water, see the movements of his soul. Relaxation is an opportunity to explore oneself, to be listening and to develop sensitivity. Similarly Karl Honored in “praise of slowness” praises this time itself, this time set free on the pulse of the heart to slow down, relax, dream. Slow because it is also then be more efficient and therefore more productive! While enjoying the summer it is first to enjoy the benefits of all these things that summer brings. Blessed season, summer, if lived with greater availability, allows then to recharge their batteries and a fresh start for the autumn.