Many substances in the chemical laboratory to make food tasty and inexpensive. Lurking in glasses and plates on the silent killer that can harm the body solid.

Sure, most people know that healthy eating processed food industry only rarely be achieved. The real risk increases with each level of processing. But how far-reaching dangerous toxins are contained in some very popular food and drinks common, few people would be aware of. Included agents can manipulate the brain, causing changes in behavior and unmotivated even destroy entire organs.

Harmful in between – Coke and donuts

Phosphoric acid is contained in many cola drinks full of sugar to balance the charge. It has an acidifying effect and ensures durability. At the same time the acid swim but also the bone. The healthy calcium deposition in bone is reduced. Contained caffeine increases the effect. Studies demonstrated how strongly reduces the coke consumption, bone density. Donuts are a bit soft and creamy with a pleasant mouth feel tempted. According to Japanese studies, the extreme softness, however, significantly harms digestion and boosts the harmful fat storage.


Substances in apple juice, candies and marzipan

Even the natural foods are not always healthy. Naturally cloudy apple juice contains many valuable phytochemicals. Still delivers more calories than a glass of Coke. Anyone who drinks a lot of apple juice, takes up a lot of fructose and can get a similar fatty liver, such as comparatively caused by alcohol. Gummy bears contain as many other baked goods maltol. A flavor enhancer, produces the sweetness and fruitiness. Maltol itself is considered harmless, but the body cells motivated to an increased uptake of aluminum. This can have an effect as a neurotoxin and brain function disorders cause. The preservative allowed in Germany butylhydroxyanisole is banned in Austria. In addition to marzipan and nuts, nougat, or chewing gum will be preserved. It can cause violent rashes and allergies. The substance is not water soluble, remains in the body and can even reach the fetus in the womb.

Pathogens in the jelly and chocolate chips

Jell-O is a pure artifact. In particular, the quinoline yellow for the green color is in urgent suspected cancer, allergies and hyperactivity in children cause. Banned in Britain, the cloth is still allowed in Germany. Many people enjoy a colorful and glazed chocolate buttons – especially children love to draw. But who wants to eat it really should, prefer to start earlier with the sorting. The blue lenses should be avoided. “Patent Blue V” is called the material with which they were colored. This dye is available in several countries (Norway, Australia, United States), as it allergies, rashes, and at worst can cause a fatal shock.

Hazards in iced coffees, chips & granola bars

Ready-made iced coffees would be a summer hit, which provoked a huge energy surplus. You have about as many calories as a meal, and hardly eliminate the feeling of hunger. Cancer experts would warn of the drinks, because the resulting increase fat deposits, the risk of cancer. Chips contain the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, which in high doses is neurotoxic. It acts on the center of the hormonal system and destroys the regulation of appetite a constant hunger arises. Also, Muesli bars, be dangerous. The main ingredient is a cheaper sugar from corn. This free fructose stresses the liver and promotes ever-increasing appetite.

More than a steak per week causes colon cancer

It was definitely shown that red meat causes colon muscle. Led to this result a total of 87 scientific studies. Heme molecules are located on the muscle cells. They also cause the red color. These molecules attract oxygen from the blood and lead him into the muscle cells. Would you eat the red meat muscle, including the heme molecules pass into the intestine. There, they damage the walls and act as door openers for the cancer. If more than 500 g of red meat on the weekly diet of a person who would start the cancer-promoting cycle. According to experts, is a complete renunciation of meat is not mandatory. Anyone who wants to be healthy aging should reduce their meat consumption consistently. Meat would still be better than meat, because a lower level of processing is more advisable.

Factory food is cheap, tasteless and deadly intense

Good raw materials lost in the industrial processing of its taste. Therefore, plant-food with natural and synthetic materials is manipulated, it can still taste good. Designers develop food concoctions, is not the human body in such quantities and combinations set. Many interactions in the food industry had not yet been sufficiently explored. It would be a global mega-experiment, which obviously would have catastrophic consequences. Messenger molecules would thus enter into the body affecting the sensory and change the feeling of hunger. About The amounts of sugar cause mental disorders. Sun WOULD make sugar like a drug, permanently dependent. After studies he alarming increase in such overdoses seen the violence, make uneasy inside, unbalanced and unfocused. Simple sugars can break down even the liver like alcohol.