Goji Berry is the term commonly used from 1970s to refer to the Lycium barbarum and China, from Lycium of China, of Xizang and the Mongolia in particular. It is in general on the upland areas of these regions in China that found as pollution is less existing. And for years, it is even the subject of organically in some countries and could now obtain in almost every corner of the world. It has thus finished to convince fans who personally appreciate its multiple benefits.

The value of the miraculous Bay feels indeed via the purity of its incorporated texture rich therapeutic substances. It can be used as a nutraceutical in seen to strengthen the well-being of any consumer. In its composition, we have food additives such as the E161h, which clarified the vision and prevents certain diseases such as cataract. And by the rate of magnesium, potassium and other metals that has the goji Berry, this fruit is also infallible to remove persistent or momentary fatigue. The best for the goji Berry bio, it is that all of these elements occur naturally in the fruit and would state no chemical addition.


In its country of origin, the goji Berry is sometimes the name of longevity fruit to insinuate that it could slow down aging. The body of the person who frequently eat goji berries is really stronger and less subject to the risk of disease. The goji Berry may be eaten dried or drink, however, whatever the mode of consumption, we recommend that you follow the indicated daily dosage. This is to avoid unwanted sensations that could cause an excessive intake of goji berries. Finally, it could be argued that the goji Berry is a unique taste, an indisputable nutraceutical, nutritional supplement and an old custom in addition of 19 centuries. Browse this page to learn more about goji berries.