Stomach and intestines are irritated or diseased, many people. However, this book is not the disease itself in the foreground, but the personal medical history and the life situation and the associated individual dealing with the disease to be healed.

The man in the 21 Century must not fight with dangerous predators every day or go in search of food to ensure its survival. Today is under a different pressure, another stress on the shoulders of the people. The pressure from outside creeps quietly into the interior and the body burden. Pressure to perform at school and at work, pressure “to bring everything under one roof,” the standard pressure of today’s needs successful in business, man, time for family, good wife.


But not just stress at work, but also private stress affects your health. Often caught it yourself here is that you do things yourself forcing, although one actually does not want “that is so,” “expected of me.” By combining such stressful situations often with poor dietary habits can irritable bowel and stomach and caused chronic diseases. There have symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloated and irritable stomach. Often gets stuck behind the symptoms undiscovered diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel and food intolerances.

The writer Susan Sontag has worked as a nutritionist and is not the disease to the forefront, but the people with their personal medical history and his personal situation in his life. With the support of her daughter, Kate Sontag brings the reader closer to patient’s stories to him the importance of individual and cure of the disease to show. Here, the reader / patient described in many everyday stories themselves recognize and be aware of problems. Each has an individual rhythm of life . the authors divide the reading by the seasons: the rhythm of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each year the disease are attributed to poles and centers of healing, it will be presented a short and simple exercises and at the end of each chapter there are some recipes to try.

Who expected that the book is received well on his disease and diet tips are is wrong. Rather, the book is aimed at readers / patients who have had enough of well-meaning advice “eat this and that” and “do not touch the” want to want to find out the orientation and learn again to focus on their inner needs.