What to expect the first month of pregnancy ? There’s a baby on the way? How many women, in suspicion of pregnancy, will ever wonder if those symptoms strange, these new signals sent from their own body were unequivocally determined by a new life in their training in the uterus ? For as much as we can be wise, and as far as you know perfectly the female biology, when a woman becomes pregnant for the first time experimented upon himself the things he has already heard or read about in books, but that may not be recognized correctly so automatically. Also take over because the individual characteristics, so every pregnancy is a unique event in its own right.

1) Absence of menstruation
Absence of the menstrual cycle : despite being the first sign of an ongoing pregnancy, it ends up being is significant only in the case of regular menses always, otherwise one would have to wait a second “jump”.


2) Breasts swollen
Breasts swollen and sore , this is a symptom that occurs just once, from the first weeks, and is due to the hormone prolactin. The breasts become swollen as before menstruation and nipples sore to the touch. Also in this case, associated with the absence of cycle can create a valid suspicion.

3) Fatigue and drowsiness
Tiredness : drowsiness and a sense of fatigue are typical feelings and the beginning of a pregnancy , due to hormonal reasons. If associated with other symptoms can really put on alert the woman.

4) Nausea
Nausea : typical pregnancy symptom that appears immediately due to an increase in blood hormone progesterone . The characteristic of this malaise is that manifests fasting morning, with or without vomiting associated.

5) more frequent urination
Increase the stimulus to micturition: pee more often is a symptom, but not always indicated in many cases.

6) Losses
White discharge : it happens to many women to have white discharge in early pregnancy , due to the action of estrogen. Sometimes these losses are spread over the whole pregnancy.