For many people, moving is not a problem. They do everything in their power to train more often and as long as possible. And even they seem to take great pleasure in doing so. By cons, for others, the exercises can be seen as a punishment and a waste of time. As a coach specializing in weight loss, I can confirm that many people have little interest in regular physical activity. A client told me she would already so feel the need to move, but she could not. Why physical activity is so perceived differently among each other? Is it possible to include a workout routine in his life even when you do not like to move? Certainly! However, you may need to change your way of thinking in relation to physical activity.

Everything is a matter of perception

Before embarking on a treadmill, making movements gym or any other activity, you need to understand your reason to hate the act of moving. For my part, when I was morbidly obese, I saw sport as a punishment I inflicting a huge sacrifice and a waste of time. After all, I could take this time to be in front of my computer.

Then, when I decided to take my own life, my vision has literally changed physical activity. I saw my workouts now as periods of time during which privileged I invested in my health. It was the time for me and I took a personal challenge that I had to meet each session pushing me as possible. I realized that most of the energy expenditure, I felt much better when I practiced in general physical activity. I would be inclined to say that it is the same for you. If before your workout, you see everything in a negative way, you may give up after a few weeks. However, seeing the positive side of your sessions fidgeting, you put all the chances on your side.


Once the mind is satisfied, proceed to act

Most people who do not move believe that there is little way to train. In fact, for most people, physical activity is limited to going to the gym or put on your sneakers for jogging. But if you look closer, you will notice that there are many different activities that you can practice both outside and inside. My weight loss process, whenever gave me the opportunity, I took the opportunity to try a new sport. Here are my top 7 that allows you to move and enjoy physical activity.

1. Hiking

With one of the largest fitness centers open in North America, Quebec has a lot to offer. Indeed, it is possible to go walking trails ranging from beginner to intermediate and regardless of the city in which you live. A little trick, if you do not sweat, start with beginner trails. If this is not possible, during your uphill, stop every five to ten minutes to lower your heart rate and observe the landscape.

2. Walking in the neighborhood

Who said he had to go away from home to move? When you get your work or in the evening after dinner, take the opportunity to put on a pair of sneakers and walk twenty or thirty minutes. If you feel like wasting your time and that this activity is painful to your eyes, go listen to your favorite music or find someone with whom you can discuss throughout the course.

3. During group

Despite what you may say, fitness is not intended as only people who practice bodybuilding. The most of them offer group classes. Whether a Zumba, step or cardio military, there will surely one that will please you. For those who prefer the softness, go for a yoga or Pilates.

4. Bike

This activity can be done alone, but with friends or family. It is ideal for all those who hate the conventional drive. With a bike, you can ride at the speed you want, and, greatly limiting the impact on your joints. For those who do not move when light is used in this activity does not generate a lot of sweating in cool weather. Finally, if you’re not a fan of long walk, use your bicycle for every little movement you would normally do with your car. From my side, I often take my bike to the grocery store or library. It allows me to move and I oxygenate.

5. Dance classes

Whether online or in pairs, this activity can burn up to 400 calories per hour. When you dance, it is almost all your muscles are solicited. In addition, if you dance for a long time, your cardiovascular system will feel the benefits. In short, music can move without actually longer and give you the impression that you are exercising, then that is indeed the case.

6. Golf

Of course, in order to maximize energy expenditure, I strongly advise you to let the kart aside and walk your path in the world. This activity is great for those who love sports softer and quieter. The course will allow you to be physically active without too raise your heart rate. A little trick, start with a little background and progress over time.

7. Swimming

The vast majority of people love to swim. The effect of weightlessness and the feeling of well-being that is removed when in the water are the two factors that motivate people to jump into the water as soon as they have the opportunity . When you’re in fresh water, your body consumes on average 10m% more calories. This is due to the fact that your system needs to temper your body. For training in the pool, go at your own pace. The most important thing is to be in constant motion. Whether the breaststroke, crawl or back, this activity will help you get in shape and burn calories without you even noticing.

How often should I train?

If you are the type to hate exercise, I invite you to start with a training week so get used to. After a few weeks, if you feel like it, go to two or three workouts a week. However, if you feel that your body does not allow you more, stay training. Sometimes it is better to move once and remove the pleasure to move more often and forced to do so.


Despite the fact that the list of activities is virtually endless, some people remain convinced that sports are not made for them, but by putting in little will and changing the perception we can have the drive, it is possible to change everything. Question is whether you, too, you’re ready to change your way of thinking.