To naturally treat sores, blisters, burns, bruises, bruises, bumps and sunburn, here are some natural methods and effective

Wounds, sores and small wounds can easily be treated at home, thanks to “grandma’s remedies” proven and cheap. With this small family pharmacy herbal and natural treatments, you can treat minor ailments every day. These remedies may also be your basic kit or emergency kit to take with you on vacation or traveling.

How to treat blisters, minor cures with bios of grandmother?

For blisters and superficial wounds, your best friend is called Allium cepa . If you have not recognized under that name know that this is simply an onion! The essential oil of onion has anti-infectious and antiseptic, promotes healing of superficial wounds.

Bulbs, these small blisters that are located between the dermis and epidermis and containing a liquid called “serum”, formed under the influence of repeated pressure or friction. Blisters to heal quickly, here is the way forward. Take a needle which you place the tip in the flame of a lighter, in order to disinfect it and carefully drill the bulb, leave the skin of the blister in place because it will serve as a natural bandage. Take an onion, and remove the thin skin that lies between the slices of onion: it is very effective natural healing of blisters. Apply this thin film on the wound and hold it up there with a bandage. You can also, alternatively, apply some pure aloe vera gel on the wound until healing.


To treat minor injuries and superficial wounds with a remedy grandmother very efficient, clean the wound first with water containing a teaspoon of sea salt Then apply the thin skin that separates onion slices on the wound while maintaining a small bandage. Remember to renew the dressing mornings and evenings, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you wound deeper.

How to naturally cure for mild burns and sunburns? Tips herbal

For small superficial burns (otherwise, see your doctor), some natural tips can help you: we often speak of the half potato applied on the burn, or the beaten egg white until stiff who has the distinction of stop the pain from the burn. But one essential oil can help you (it should also be part of your medical kit as it’s versatile): essential oil or tea tree “tea tree”. The “oil” melaleuca alternifolia “is anti-infectious and healing. You can apply a drop on the burn, or in a dab of aloe vera gel, dilute one drop of essential oil of tea tree and a massage of the superficial burn or mild sunburn, care to repeat morning and evening until recovery.

Incidentally, this essential oil is also ideal in case of urinary tract infection, diarrhea, and sinusitis but also for all skin conditions! A therefore include emergency first aid kit in your travel, knowing that this essential oil is sold for cheap pharmacy or shop organic. Alternatively, you can take with you a jar of Manuka honey , a cousin of the tea tree skin with countless virtues. In this case, apply a thin layer of honey on the wound morning and evening, after cleaning the wound.