The vitamin E performs many important functions in our bodies. Makes a significant contribution in the care of the ‘ acne and ‘ eczema , helps with eye disorders , strengthens the immune system . Prevents cognitive decline and fight the problems affecting the cardiovascular system . That is why you should never miss. Consequently, we must not neglect to consume those foods that abound, to replenish the body of a nutrient of no small importance. Go ahead and then the dried fruit, seeds of sunflower, olive oil and wheat germ. Of course, do not overdo it, in order to avoid side effects consist of any bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke.

Where is

What foods should we eat, to ensure a good supply of vitamin E? They can not surely miss him in our diet vegetable oils , such as sunflower seeds, olive oil or wheat germ, and nuts , especially walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Among the fruit also ‘ avocado and pistachios. A certain amount is also present in cow’s milk , either whole or partially skimmed milk and dairy products:yogurt , parmesan, provolone, ricotta cheese , mozzarella buffalo. In any case we must not forget that this vitamin can be damaged by freezing and overcooking. For this reason should be avoided, for example, frying foods long in the same oil. Let us remember that the dosage recommended daily equivalent to 4 mg for infants and children up to 14 years. Over this age should have 15 mg of vitamin E per day.


What is

The substance in question fails to put in place a number of benefits for the skin , it is used as an essential component of many creams. In particular, can prove to be useful for treating acne and eczema. The vitamin E is composed of antioxidants, which have proved very important to counteract the damaging effects determined by oxidative stress in relation to ocular disorders, such as cataracts and macular degeneration .

Also able to exert a preventive against diseases involving the heart and the cardiovascular system. In fact, vitamin E prevents the creation of clots that can cause heart attacks or phenomena of venous thromboembolism. Do not forget that this nutrient, slowing oxidation, reduces the risk of developing cholesterol . It ‘also effective against mental decline. They fought against the effects of free radicals on the brain, which determine the cognitive diseases, such as disease.

The side effects

We must not introduce into our body excessive amounts of vitamin E, because you might run into the side effects, which, however, do not occur, if we follow a proper diet. The problem concerns mainly the use of supplements , also available in capsules and tablets . In the long run may be caused by bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke . Must pay particular attention in the use of vitamin supplements who take drugs anticoagulants and anti platelet agents.