The electronic cigarette has long been considered one of the best solutions to be able to quit smoking. Inside contains some substances, such as propylene glycol, water, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and nicotine, which can be optional. E consists of an atomizer, the battery and the inhaler. The mechanism allows the production of vapor, which is inhaled. Its use does not lead to health consequences, for this has been widely appreciated, although some have expressed concern. There are various types of electronic cigarette. Let’s see some models in comparison.


The model eGo has no removable battery and is one of the most popular. E was filmed and marketed by various manufacturers. It is distinguished by a good battery and a great hit. It can be used with the 510 atomizers or you can choose the ones low resistance, allowing you to reach higher temperatures, while ensuring the life of the component. A little light to indicate activation. A cartridge may contain 0.7 ml of liquid. You can make about 250-300 shots, which correspond to 15-20 traditional cigarettes . To load it, you have to connect the USB connector to your computer or electrical outlet with an adapter. For the first use, you have to make a charge for at least 3 hours. It costs about 40 euro.



The electronic cigarette yC (youCigarette) presents a vaporizer miniaturized, which in shape proves to be very similar to a traditional cigarette. Its battery lasts for 3 hours in the models yC and yC-CE5-580 and 3 hours in the case of types yC and yC-518-EGO C. The charging capacity for all models is about 2ml and its dimensions vary from a length of 10.8 cm to 13.6 cm in a model. Prices range between 45 and 50 Euros.

eGo Tank

eGo Tank can be defined as a kind of evolution of the eGo. Its peculiarity is the use of a reservoir for the liquid, which has a capacity of 1.2 ml. This mechanism increases the autonomy. The batteries used are the same as the type eGo, but it works through the special atomizers . The refills of liquid is reduced to a minimum and a full can last for all day long. The battery is equipped with a protection system, which can be turned on and off with a quick push of a button. It costs about 46 euro.


The model Elips has an innovative design and easy to handle. It uses a refined design, however, that aims at the satisfaction of the smoker. In fact, the batteries have a shelf life considerably, thanks to the tanks tank of 1.2 ml. You can recharge from below and therefore it should be removed. It has 650 mAh battery. It is supplied with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, and 5 empty cartridges. Its price is about 54 €.


The electronic cigarette Leo has a lower cost than the other, since you can buy at a price of around 20 Euros. It has a 800 mAh battery and vaporizer stands for long life. To reload it is not necessary to dismantle the atomizer: we must not do is unscrew the cap on the bottom of the battery and connect the usb cable. The charging time varies from 3 to 4 hours.


The model KGO has the technology of operation equal to that which characterizes the model eGo. The atomizer is the 510, which is also available with low resistance. The batteries are two, 650 mAh. The charging time of between 3 and a half hours at 4. The model is widely experienced, for this is considered to be reliable, because its atomizer is one of the most popular. It costs about 29 euro.