If you are like most people, the idea of body donation has probably not crossed through your mind. Most people, in fact, like to avoid the topic of death at all costs because of how unpleasant the idea of dying is. However, the simple truth is that everyone will die someday, and by being prepared for it you can help your loved ones process the loss. Body donation is one more way to help others and to create something positive out of death. Of course, if you have never heard of the body donation process before you might be curious as to what all it entails.


The first thing that you have to do is register for body donation while you are still living. You can register at any time, but it is easier if you sign the papers and make the arrangements then leaving it to your family later. You also need to make sure that you inform your family of your decision so that there is no resistance down the line. Sometimes family can fight the decision and it is easier for all involved if everyone knows that these are your final wishes.


After registering you will have to complete a health screening form. Some body donation centers will make you come in for a face to face interview, but it just depends on the agency that you have decided to use. They will use this information to screen you to make sure you are a candidate for body donation. Being severely obese, having certain medical conditions, and all infectious diseases will usually disqualify you for body donation. If you do not have any of these problems however, there should be no problem with the process continuing.


One nice thing about body donation is that all arrangements for your body are taken care of after death occurs. Your family does not have to worry about a thing because the agency will make all of the arrangements for the transport of your body. After transport your body will be used for medical training or for medical research. Either way, you know that you are helping to contribute to the future in a very positive way. This is one reason why so many people choose body donation. It really is a worry free way to deal with funeral arrangements.

Return to Family

The final step in the process is cremation. Cremation is free when you choose to donate your body and the remains will be sent back to your family. Therefore, they can take care of other things and then when the time comes they will still be able to receive your ashes so that they have something to hold onto. In the end, your family still receives your ashes as you might have wished, but in the process it is likely that you have helped advance the medical career of someone else or perhaps contributed to a medical advancement that will help millions.