Stomach in the travel stress: What helps against heartburn on vacation!

Heartburn and travel go together for many people: the organism must often first on the more unusual dishes used at the resort. Add to that stress: The work to be done quickly and more important tasks will be packed at home, planned and organized everything, before it finally goes into the long-awaited vacation. This is all reflected in the stomach and can literally burn the holiday spirit really.

Always pack a stomachic in the first aid kit!

“Something with too much acid” take on trips, helping often not in such disorders. For not too much to stomach acid causes the symptoms but the transgression of the acid from the stomach into the esophagus. Even a cramped stomach can cause the burning pain. They also arise when, for example, the muscles continue to send the chyme in the stomach do not work properly.

First of the stomach to reduce pressure

In all cases, only one to get rid of the agonizing pain: the reduction of gastric pressure, so that no acid can be “pumped” upwards. Finally, the mobility of the stomach, it is stimulating. This is best achieved in a natural way with herbal spices. As a special “stomach Treichler,” is the bitter grinding flower, because the stomach muscles to bring back into balance. Other herbs are proven gastric peppermint leaves, celandine, angelica root licorice root, chamomile flower, caraway fruit, milk thistle and lemon balm leaves.


Heartburn may occur more frequently in the spring!

In the spring it often comes to freak weather. The strain on the body and can cause stress to the body properly. Also, the stomach responds: He is sensitive and irritated quickly. In addition, the digestion in the spring is often slow and difficult going straight in the morning. All this can lead to symptoms such as bloating sensitive people or heart burn.


¤When the stomach is causing problems, help most gentle herbal remedies.
¤Relaxation is important for stomach problems, such as stress can trigger heartburn without end.
¤An excessively high pressure in the stomach, the stomach acid transported upward and thus causing the typical heartburn.
¤Often, an elevating the head helps by about a second pillow.
¤Healing earth (finely ground for the internal revenue) binds excess stomach acid and can help reduce the annoying symptoms. Peloids are available without prescription at the pharmacy.
¤Avoid polluting food in the evening. And above all acid-forming foods such as citrus fruits or fruit juices such as orange juice itself.
¤Try to find out whether you react to certain foods or drinks in the most sensitive stomach. Make sure that the symptoms will worsen as after drinking red wine.