Many people have a rather bad skin, to join the often even pimples or acne.

Most people unfortunately do not have the good fortune to have a truly radiant skin. In most cases, many of them a rather bad skin, to join the often even pimples or acne. In particular, the frequently recurring blackheads and pimples ask for sufferers often represent serious problems that attack the self-confidence and weaken the self-esteem significantly.

Since these unwelcome companions mostly even in the face show us therefore usually be readily visible to outsiders, the so been scarred people often see near the despair and ask the question: “What helps for pimples and oily skin?” Often various lotions, creams, or even many of the countless good old home remedies have been used, but the success has not yet been set.

Different causes of pimples and skin impurities

It is clear that both men and women are affected by this problem, with pimples, acne, blackheads and oily skin also exemplified in puberty can occur as well at a later date.


The reasons are as varied as the possible treatments. Stress, smoking, alcohol and also hormonal changes can have a direct connection with this problem. To make an effective fight can, interested parties should first determine your individual skin type. In this context, a distinction, for example, in the following categories

* The sensitive skin
* The dry skin
* The oily skin
* The combination skin

Depending on skin type, you should now start with the individual care and dispense the appropriate care products carefully. Again, the excess Bid Note: Too much is more harmful.

For all skin types suitable creams, lotions or care are available to combat the pimples and prevent their reappearance. The combination skin requires basically the least maintenance. Greasy creams with a very high moisture content here are known to be particularly effective and efficient. In addition, you should as far as possible in the body cleansing renounce the use of soaps or similar products because they irritate the skin greatly. For oily skin, the oil production is stimulated excessively, special cleaning products such as gel or foam cleaning is recommended. A refreshing, moderate peeling in this case is quite supportive. The same applies in principle also for other skin types, and it must also be done in the fight against pimples different measures. But one thing is certainly certain, namely that toothpaste on pimples and blackheads helps is still common myth. When applying the toothpaste on the pimple, it is first dried in fact by the ingredients. But after a short time will reverse the positive effect into the opposite. Painful inflammation and extreme redness and burning of skin are the result of it.

Useful tips and tricks

Basically, every person in a position, through a balanced diet make a moderate physical activity, and by reducing stress and getting enough sleep a personal and individual prophylaxis. Next one should also reduce the use of soaps and similar drugs in the washing or to completely eliminate it. Here it seems appropriate to use lotions to be an optimal solution. Moreover, one should by sufficient and recurring physical activity at least get three to four times a week so a sweat, because that harmful substances are flushed out of the body, which may be responsible for the formation of pimples. Ultimately are no solutions in sight, so in this case, a doctor should be consulted.