The reproductive system of a woman becomes active, around the age of 10-13 years, as she enters the age bracket of attaining puberty. All of the organs associated with the female reproductive system are well developed by then, and hence the system gets into the working mode. Thereafter, the system is continuously functioning month after month, year after year, till there comes a time, when the ovaries stop functioning completely. This is called menopause. So in short, menopause is that time of a woman’s life, when her ovaries have stopped functioning, and are no longer able to produce ova.

Early menopause is not something new. It has been around since time, but the only difference is that as of late, there has been a steep increase in the women, who are getting affected by this disorder. If you were to talk about the women who get affected by it, along with women who are in their twenties and thirties, girls who are in their teenage also get affected by it. The cause and the result is the same. Ovaries, in these women, stop working, and hence ova are not produced. Now, what induces such state may vary from person to person.

In many cases of menopause, stress is a one of the major reason. Apart from it, hormonal and chemical imbalances caused by surgeries or medications are main early menopause causes. The hormonal changes are caused by the side effects of the medicines. Also, in quite a few cases, genetic disorder is what triggers the disorder. Various symptoms include vaginal dryness, absence or irregular periods, irregular sleep patterns, heat flashes, mood swings etc.

Menopause is never easy to deal with and when it is early menopause, it’s almost like being hit in the dark, not knowing from where. The emotional and mental stress caused can take an ugly turn if not looked after, at the very early stages. Counselling can help in many cases, and group therapies have also found to be useful. But women, all across the world, rather favour online websites. These websites are dedicated completely to this cause. Women, from different countries, talk about their experiences, about how they dealt with it, and how you should go about it etc. The online platform has been such as helping millions of women, affected by the disorder, since it has come into existence. Not only, they are absolutely informative, but also, if you follow the advices that have been put up there, you would realize, how simple are things getting for you.