Why more and more people are overweight are many, they are related to behaviors developed since our childhood. If you want to take a good foundation and lose your extra pounds, it is time to change.
The first rule is to stop listening to people who say that habits are hard to break. Eating too much fat is not in the same category as cocaine addicts. Finally, few people have a real addiction to food. Most of the time it is taking new habits.

Change of habit # 1 – Stop eating in front of the television.

Do not eat in a room where the TV is on. Preferably, choose a room where you do not have a TV. If this is not the case, keep it off. Then, surf the internet for your meals. No laptop, no phone, no tablet. In fact, if you read this article while you eat, stop immediately. Finish your meal and return to your reading thereafter. The goal is to pay attention to foods that are on your plate. It’s really hard to pay attention to your diet when your mind is occupied by a game show or a YouTube video. However, if you pay attention to what you eat, your consumption will be less. Your TV may be on after your meal, it applies to the Internet. With this trick, you can stop when your stomach is full. It is quite surprising the amount of food consumed with or without television.


Change of habit # 2 – Stop drinking your calories.

Drink water during all meals and even outside. Do not choose to drink diet or energy drinks or even milk. Just drink water or maybe a cup of tea. There are hundreds of different varieties. Drink during meals is a simple, few calories to have fun. All sodas, fruit juices or syrups should be banned from your diet, they are too sweet and not any benefit for your body. The point is the same for drinks eased. In fact, you should not think, drink water, that’s all. These changes can make a big difference in the amount of calories consumed in a day. By changing your habits, you will feel better and when you look in the mirror, you will see a marked improvement.