Weather-sensitive people take the reaction of her body to perceive a particular degree weather changes and suffer. Tips to weather changes.

Weather changes make some people create pretty. Particularly those whose body through the ages is already damaged or chronic diseases (rheumatism, cardiovascular disorders, pulmonary diseases). Draws about a storm on the rheumatism literally feel “to the bone.” About every third German is sensitive to the weather, women far more than men. Sufferers react with exhaustion and fatigue, with insomnia, poor concentration and restlessness. meteorosensitivity Although no disease but is generally recognized as the “people’s suffering.” Meteorosensitivity indicates an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. This serves to maintain the inner balance. Will there by stress disturbed, hectic lifestyle and increasing pollution, it can get out of balance. Some people are then amplified to weather changes.

Pressure, temperature and humidity control the weather

That in certain weather conditions, the work comes easily, other days we put simply feels old and no clear idea can be summed up, it already knew Goethe to report. Less air pressure is responsible for the malaise to create more makes the rapid changes of temperature and humidity. For example, when approaching a hot or during the passage of a cold front . It often occurs long before the relevant weather event to complaints. On short-term weather changes such as hair dryer in the human organism can not be set simultaneously.


The Munich-based bio-meteorologist Prof. Peter Hoppe hypothesized that low air pressure fluctuations in weather changes affect our so-called baroreceptors – seated at the bifurcation of the carotid arteries sensory cells – that respond to pressure and control blood pressure and pulse. Regardless of the variations in air pressure build up in the low-pressure vortices near our latitude from the Atlantic Ocean, high electric voltages. They lead to invisible electric discharges, known as sferics. This “dark lightning” speed rush ahead with the bad weather and currents affect the human brain.

Tips to meteorosensitivity

Neither against nor Sferics to sudden temperature changes of retreat behind their own four walls, a suitable therapy – the waves penetrate concrete and masonry with ease. In other words, the weather can not be escaped. It is better to go out into the fresh air, and in any weather! With the following tips, the organism is supported and circulatory and autonomic nervous system stabilizes as:

Resilience: cold showers and regular sauna sessions toughen the organism to external stimuli, so that the sensitivity to weather-related influences is lower. Move to fresh air every day, no matter what the weather. Operate endurance sports – disciplined and continuously. Avoid overweight.
Take breaks and relax: Good for weather-sensitive’re a regular daily rhythm and adequate sleep . Sleep is a very important phase of regeneration for our body. Help bring everything that contributes to calming the nervous system: Relaxation methods such as autogenic training, tai chi and yoga. Simply enter a little shorter and not expect too much.
Drinking a lot: In hot weather, sometimes you need just to take enough liquid to make yourself feel better. How ever adequate fluid intake so important for our well-being is.
Natural resources: Medicinal plants – used in different ways – also help with humidity. About the balm, their essential oils harmonize the autonomic nervous system. Ginger helps with dizziness – as a tea infusion, tincture or finished product. Relaxing baths with rosemary, valerian or St. John’s Wort help with headaches and especially in high humidity. With hair dryer, coffee is a good way with some lemon.