The watermelon makes you lose weight ? It ‘a truth or a hoax ? That this delicious fruit and fresh has fewer calories is certain, but it really helps to lose weight ? The watermelon has only 16 calories per 100 grams and contains large amounts of water: its consumption is therefore recommended in the summer and when it’s hot to get your fill of hydration. We can therefore say that watermelon is a fruit light and that is also a great ally in the fight against the bad cholesterol and some types of heart disease because it contains large amounts of citronella, a molecule that would have a preventive action in respect of hypertension .


Watermelon is useful to lose weight?

The watermelon does not lose weight because, as often stress the nutritionists, there is no food with slimming properties per. but a food recommended in a low-calorie diet because of its modest intake of calories. Watermelon is also rich in potassium which combined with vitamin C has a diuretic effect and drained. If you have any circulatory problem or cellulitis, the watermelon will be a perfect ally to help in the fight against this imperfection .

The properties Watermelon

Red and juicy, watermelon helps to beat the heat because it is rich of water, vitamins and especially low in calories. Watermelon fact, despite being so sweet and tasty, it contains only 16 calories per ounce, virtually nothing and is rich in vitamin A and C that protects the skin and vitamin B. In many regions it is called watermelon red and so is the presence of carotenoids, antioxidants that fight the free radicals . watermelon Many features are similar to those of the tomato : both contain Penelope which has an important protective properties of view and anti-tumor, helping to solve the problems cardiovascular, skin. This fruit is also excellent for strengthening the immune system. Finally, it could also be renamed the fruit of love . According to research conducted by the American Texas A & M University, the watermelon should an amino acid called citrulline, able to help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction by acting on the small blood vessels.