Water plays in our lives are very important. Not only do we insist people to around 75 percent water, all life comes from the water. In addition, two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water. 3.5 percent of them are fresh water and therefore suitable for drinking. To drink other than water, it can also be externally for baths, showers and envelopes using healing.

Drink as a cure

An adult man needs daily to two to three liters of water to be properly hydrated. Unfortunately, most people often drink much less than the recommended amount, which may in the course of life, result in discomfort.
Our body’s cells need water to function properly. With permanent water shortage in our blood vessels constrict, high blood pressure is the result. What little water is forced at high pressure in the cells. But this can only go for some time well before the cells and thus contribute to our bodies even more significant harm.


Insufficient drinking can lead to a number of diseases, which represent migraines, constipation, chronic fatigue, obesity, allergies, slipped discs, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, and the already mentioned high blood pressure just a few examples of the adverse consequences. Many of these diseases can be prevented by drinking enough or partially healed afterwards.

Water in combination with salt

The salt in the human body is concentrated, with nine grams per liter of water. On average, the body loses a day between three and five grams of salt in heavy sweating it can be up to 20 grams. Therefore it is important not only enough liquid, but also take sufficient salt to him. In order to maintain the salt-water balance in the body remains is included in this amount of salt medical infusions, so that equilibrium is maintained in the body. Some sports drinks based on this principle and are enriched with salts. But not only applied to oral, and salt on the body has a healing effect. Salt baths or showers salt effect cleaning of the energetic body. Applied daily reduced symptoms and infections can thus be avoided on an energetic basis. In Pranic Healing, for example, salt water is used to dissolve negative energies.

Water, and precious stones

Conventional drinking water can be charged with the vibrations of gemstones by simply selected stones placed in the water. Tap water contains a new structure in which a source of water is similar. On the way from the source to the tap water gets the information needed for health are not necessarily beneficial, and loses due to the limited movement of vitality. The water is inharmonious. The gems are the water revives and gives him the natural information back.
The stones used should always stand a good quality. When choosing the right stone, it depends on your intuition. Do you have a good feeling for the stone seems to encouraging and comforting, he feels comfortable, it will be the right one. Each stone will be awarded but also a certain effect.

So if you want to achieve something specific, you can clear up naturally at a store on the particular mode of action. Some shops are also a “package” sold that have been specially put together for specific ailments. Before using the stones, it is especially important to clean them. Stones store information and carry negative vibrations that have arisen, for example through the removal of stones and shapes. For cleaning, there are several possibilities. First of all, you should thoroughly wash the stones under running water and then about three minutes rub with salt water. Pay particular attention that some stones can be destroyed by the salt. Clean gems so please do not that way. In addition, it is possible to clean the stones by placing them for about two hours in an amethyst-piece glands. If you prefer, you can also recharge your stones after yet. You can do this by routing them for a few hours in nature in the sun. After your pieces are ready to be placed in a water jug. This can take up the water, the vibrations, it takes about two hours. More than two days should not remain the stones in the water.

Water and the symbols Körbler

The Korbler symbols are also called “the new homeopathy”. Using symbols to alleviate pain, cure diseases and allergies resolved. The vibrations of the Körbler symbols can be transferred to water. For example, there is an allergy to grass, to write the specific grass on a sheet of paper and paints a Korbler symbol, which must first be tested over it. Then it holds the paper in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Just by focusing on the sheet of paper will transfer the vibrations to the water, which are then consumed throughout the day must. Thus, water is actually a very important tool for healing and well-being.