The exercise classes in the pool (water aerobics) or water aerobics are particularly pleasant during pregnancy, because the water reduces the force of gravity and allows you to make some exercises that under normal conditions would be too tiring. In water, for example, you can practice exercises supine that otherwise would not be possible. Cradled by gentle massage caused by the movement of the water, the mom finds the sense of lightness, energy and serenity for transmission to the fetus, relaxing it and regularizing the heartbeat. During the last few months , in addition, when the weight of the belly becomes more and more difficult, dive in the pool will make you feel much lighter, as the water weight is about 1/6 of that recorded on the ground.

The water aerobics , aqua or aqua aerobics can be practiced even if you have a sports training particular, from the second trimester of pregnancy, unless stated differently by the medical examiner. If you’re feeling really fit you can try the water step, always with an eye on the belly. If you have decided to practice this sport you have to know that you will use a platform that attaches to the bottom of the pool thanks to the suction cups and that will allow you to perform the exercises classics of the step, while enjoying the benefits of moving in the water. The water step is particularly useful to prevent cellulite during pregnancy and keep skin firm and elastic, but do not forget to wear socks non-slip and not be afraid to stop and rest if you’re feeling especially tired. Whatever sport you want to keep playing in the water Now that the most important goal is to keep fit in a manner consistent with the well-being of your baby .


Thanks to aqua and all water step you will have the opportunity to increase your lung capacity by encouraging deep breathing to oxygenate better the placenta and the fetus, but also the slight continuous water massage will help to decrease the feeling of swelling in the extremities, promoting the circulation due to the hydrostatic pressure which facilitates the venous return. From the point of view emotional is shown, moreover, that the movement in the water promotes the production of endorphins that, in addition to relax, will be transmitted also to the baby procuring an intense feeling of well-being. Anyway, as for any other business that wants to take during pregnancy, you should take some precautions to avoid possible problems:

Before starting the course ask them to visit changing rooms and swimming pool to make sure that they are suitable and comfortable. For example, changing rooms must be arranged in such a way that you can dress and undress comfortably seat and the floor should be non-slip.
During pregnancy any fall or violent blow can be a serious danger for your baby, then pay particular attention to when to enter and exit the water to avoid slipping. A pair of socks non-slip rubber can give you greater safety and grip.
The chlorine and other products necessary for the hygiene of the structure can be aggressive with the skin and leave it dry and cracked. After each session in the pool apply a generous layer of moisturizer or stretch marks , especially in the most sensitive areas such as breasts, cleavage, abdomen.