Vitamin A in large feet everywhere in the body, it is of great importance. Using the function, the presence in the diet and deficiencies can be found here more .

Vitamin B2, also called riboflavin, is on the whole metabolism of the human organism and involved part in almost all living cells. Sun Riboflavin is involved among others in the degradation of fats, carbohydrates and protein. The function of the vitamin is extremely broad. Of the respiration of human blood cells on the formation and detoxification of foreign substances, such as, for example, drug or drugs to the health promotion of skin-forming tissues, vitamin B2 essential. Even in pregnancy riboflavin plays an important role for both mother and child.


Which foods can vitamin the body will now be fed?

Milk, cheese, eggs, leafy vegetables, cereals contain large amounts of the vitamin, but also in the form of meat, fish and yeast can be added to the vital substance. Young people and adults to around 1.3 per day to 1.7 mg riboflavin eat. This corresponds to about 100 grams of fish and two eggs. An active lifestyle, diseases and surgery increase the need for vitamin B2 as well as taking antidepressants.

A deficiency of Vitamin B2 , so it is recognized

A key indicator, a vitamin B2 deficiency is noted, the mouth. A dark red to purple coloration of the tongue with cracks at the corners and lines that lead away from the lips suggest, most likely indicate a riboflavin deficiency. Also, nervousness, indigestion, oily hair and scaly skin are symptoms of a possible vitamin B2 deficiency.

In order to diagnose a deficiency, however, almost certainly, in any case, a physician should be consulted, as well as many non-specific symptoms may occur with a deficiency of vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is not as widely known, such as vitamin C but just as important for ongoing health. Thus, one should enjoy the next glass of milk or piece of cheese a little more aware that we have just (B) has 2fellos [undoubtedly] acted in a spirit of healthy metabolism.