The celebrities are put in diet ; are in fact a lot of the star in the system that needs to work or not, are forced to be very careful to feed . If you think that the physical sculptural models and actresses are only the result of the mercy of Mother Nature, you are wrong. The celebrities, Italian and foreign, are very careful about what they eat, they love to follow the fad diets such as the Dukan or the South Beach and undergoing daily sessions of exercise to keep the body in shape. Between vegan diets, original, classic and dangerous, the VIP line and they keep very few secrets to be copied to win a perfect silhouette. Let’s see what.


The public figure who has made ​​more talk lately for a very visible weight loss is without a doubt the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has lost 10 pounds with a balanced diet and saying goodbye to high calorie foods. And what about the diet flash of Vicky Pattinson has lost weight in just five weeks ? The secret of the starlet, who is entrusted to the experts, was to eliminate the junk food and choose healthy foods, but without sacrificing anything. “It has been my personal trainer to make my diet. I did not cut anything, but I do much more attention. I no longer eat white bread or sandwiches made, I eat a lot of vegetables, not much fruit because it is full of natural sugars, “he said in fact. Even if you do not not need Kate Middleton seems to be a fan of the Dukan diet, the protein regime often disputed.

The Middleton after pregnancy it is back in shape in record time appearing immediately skinny a few months after birth. The secret of Jennifer Lopez on the other hand would be four small meals a day : the singer and actress from the perfect physique and shapely. In addition, according to a source close to the star, Lopez consume ice water to speed up your metabolism and by the time he would have said goodbye to carbs after 4 pm. Healthy diet instead for the beautiful Argentinian showgirl Rodriguez, who loves to eat and not give up anything but avoid high calorie foods and too much fat.