If the intolerance of milk sugar vegetarians true, it applies well to deal with one’s diet.

Lactose intolerance is spreading further and further from our world. The intolerance of milk sugar makes vegetarians more than meat-consuming people, because now paid special attention to balanced nutrition needs.

What to look for – vegetarian and lactose intolerant?

Vegetarians take all the important nutrients contained in fish and meat over other foods. A healthy vegetarian diet that supplies the body with all vital nutrients and minerals, is simple and straightforward. Is there a vegetarian because of a diagnosis of lactose intolerance is no longer possible to milk products to eat, it must be paid special attention to the supply of important nutrients for your body.

The problem of vitamin B12

The most common and fastest can occur in a vegetarian, lactose-free, and, moreover, under a strictly vegan diet, a deficiency of vitamin B12. This vitamin , which is responsible for instance for the cell formation and helps protect against heart and circulatory disease is only found in animal products like meat, milk, dairy products and eggs. Still exists a further form of the vitamin, which is also contained in plant products, however, this expression is not as effective for the body as the animal vitamin B12. Those who are vegetarian and lactose-free diet should also pay attention to regular consumption of eggs. It will probably not be mentioned explicitly that this ideally on organic and free range eggs from organic agriculture goes back and free range eggs or of questionable origin rather be on the shelf.


Vegetarian + Vegan = lactose intolerant?

If you refrain from meat and dairy products on the menu for which is also the leap to veganism is not far off. Vegan products provide an excellent course for the lactose-free diet, because you can be sure that they do not contain hidden lactose. At the same time you are doing so still a good thing for animals that are killed in this way, nor exploited. Lactose-free milk, with its slightly sweet taste is not everyone’s cup of tea. A good alternative that is still free from animal products to offer, cereal milk that is available for example in health food stores, drug stores and well-stocked grocery stores.

Anyone who decides to eat vegan now, the ban should also eggs and honey from his diet. Naturally arises then again the lack of B12, which are balanced in the context of a purely vegan diet with the intake of vitamin supplements must. Also includes a vegan lifestyle is not just a diet that is completely free of animal products, but also expands to other areas of life. Vegans do not wear such clothes, for example, leather, silk and wool and do not use cosmetics and skin care products that contain animal ingredients or even tested on animals have been. A vegan lifestyle must always be well thought out features, but for vegetarians with lactose intolerance, in any case.