Homeopathy is a medicine and has a similar therapeutic approach to the whole man.

Three hundred years BC, Hippocrates said that there were two ways of treatment: by contraries and the like. In the fifteenth century, Paracelsus too, knew this duality since cared diarrhea with hellebore.And he gave his patients with diarrhea very small doses: the twenty-fourth part of a drop.But it is Christian Samuel Hahnemann, who was the real founder of the homeopathic method. In 1790, he stated “the law of similar” when he said “That like cures like.” This is the first principle of homeopathy. He saw in it a second time just infinitesimal dilutions for healing and wrote in his book The Org-anon of the Healing Art, published in 1810.

This is the second principle: the infinitesimal. In his experiments, he found that all subjects do not react the same way and made varying the conditions of the experiment for the same drug: age, sex, dose.He noted symptoms and psychological and physical, subjective and objective changes in symptoms (improvement or worsening under the influence of external circumstances or physiological). A given treatment is therefore appropriate or valid for a specific person: the third principle homeopathic namely the particular design of the patient and the disease.


By definition, homeopathy is a therapeutic method of giving to the individual patient, very low doses or infinitesimal, the substance that causes in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the patient.Put simply, the therapeutic principle of homeopathy comprises administering to a person suffering from nausea, for example, a substance in minute quantities causing nausea. This is the law of similarity is the basis of this medicine: parallelism between power toxicological action of a substance and its therapeutic power. Thus, homeopathy is both a method and a therapeutic medical design.

Homeopathy is the medicine that heals by similar and is the opposite of allopathic medicine which is contrary. And it is the same therapeutic approach that differs these two methods. Indeed, the greater the dilution is more high efficiency homeopathic medicine will be even more important. The homeopathic medicines are obtained by the method of successive dilutions Hahnemannian said.

We start with a basic substance which is called mother tincture and it operates dilutions of 1/100 of each other, they are designated by “CH”. A drop of the base material mixed with 99 drops of solvent (water + alcohol) gives the first 1 CH. From a drop of the 1 CH, add 99 drops of solvent, further dilution is the. The homeopathic dilution is up to 30 HP.In homeopathy, the medicine is not applied “against” a disease and there is no unique treatment of asthma, migraine or eczema.

The homeopath must actually select among several treatment options and there is only one valid treatment for a person, who covers all the symptoms it presents. Homeopathy is a medicine and synthetic studying the whole man and exalts the reactive mode of homeopathic medicines. The uniqueness of this medicine is that similar treatment is always individualized. Homeopathic medicine meanwhile is either in the form of granules or in the form of globules. Homeopathy has influenced other forms of modern therapies like the bio therapy, self-therapy and hetero therapies. Recognized medical and promising but neglected, with homeopathy alternative medicine are the medicine of tomorrow.