Unfortunately it is true that many people have abused hypnosis to reveal the art as a scam or a sleight of hand in the shows. This belief is caused by stage hypnosis where the hypnotist volunteer their control. It is natural that before someone tries an alternative treatment, such as hypnosis, they would have proof that it actually works. However, scientific studies seem to have rows firmly in the camp of hypnosis not only as a legitimate form of treatment, but also as very effective. In this article, I will write about some of the studies on hypnosis and how they provide evidence that hypnosis works. There are many conflicting opinions on the validity of hypnosis as a form of therapy.

People who have not been hypnotized often think it is a form of sleep where you can be controlled to do things against your will. Before start if I want to explain how hypnosis works. The key word in that last sentence was a volunteer. There have been a number of scientific studies over the past decades and they all seem to point to the same answer, which is that hypnosis really works. It is easy to hypnotize someone dancing around the stage, but if the hypnotist who was then going to ask them to go rob a bank for them, do you think that would really voluntary? A hypnotist in a show will ask for volunteers, and just volunteering, people have already agreed to do what the hypnotist asks them to do.


It is believed that hypnosis works by first opening the subconscious suggestion. From there, the hypnotist can implant suggestions to help the client achieve their goals, whether to lose weight, stop smoking or anything else. In 2003, the Harvard Medical School has experienced the effects of hypnosis on the rate of fracture healing. The study involved twelve people with broken ankles and used a regular treatment on half of them, and hypnosis side of regular treatment for the other half.

The results were remarkable as those who had undergone hypnosis healed in six weeks, while those who had not had hypnosis healed in eight weeks and a half. Proof that hypnosis works here is obvious.
This study can be considered of special importance for athletes who want to accelerate the recovery process so they can return to training and competition. It is possible to go to someone who makes hypnosis to Paris without much problem since there are very good hypnotists in Paris, which are also sometimes sophrology in Paris.