Tips to stretch the human memory , or rather, to increase their effectiveness, Allende or educating them to the fullest. To disprove, once and for all, the belief that memory is an innate gift, such as “or do you have to iron or do not have it.” In fact, this cognitive function, like the others, you can improve and refine, train and grow. Just know how to do.

The memory

The memory of this great unknown to many, is nothing more than a cognitive function necessary to store the memories and feelings, episodes and slices of life, but also knowledge and information. Usually we distinguish the short-term memory , the medium and long term.

The tricks of memory stretches

Here are some simple tricks to train your memory, try to increase their potential. First, you must take advantage of the emotions and images to impress upon concepts and information. In particular, it is useful to follow a precise pattern storage , to represent the element to remember, comprising: exaggeration, movement (because it involved the body and gestures is important), Association unusual and emotional involvement. Precious, not to be underestimated in the process mnemonic images. Create mental images to associate with words and concepts can really be the right strategy to fix them in the memory. An example? As a sort of puzzle to put together ad hoc in mind, every word can be connected to a meaningful and evocative, or because it is the literal representation or because it is easily associated. If you think about the bike, it focuses the image, when you consider the word “withdrawal” you might think of a ruler on the toilet bowl, for example. The same is true for the numbers : just match each number (0 to 9) an image, and then create more complex and, depending on the complexity of the number to be stored.


Some useful advice

Some games, to do alone or with others, are true allies of memory. The checkers, chess, and crossword puzzles but also burro are good examples. To train daily memory, you can store words or numbers every day, but also the most important notions repeat several times aloud to fix in the mind. The lifestyle is essential for maintaining healthy memory. In order better to sleep on a regular basis, because the rest is very important, physical activity and follow a balanced diet, low in fat and alcoholic beverages, enemy of cognitive functions.