Premature ejaculation can be defined as a situation in which a man ejaculates before his sex partner will or even before his own will. This is a very common sexual dysfunction that affects men less than 40 years, in this case a therapy against premature ejaculation is recommended. For clarification, it’s not so much the question of speed at which we reach the climax but how often a man ejaculates before satisfying his partner.

There are two types of premature ejaculation: primary and secondary. Primary premature ejaculation occurs in men who have to start from the time they become sexually active. On the other hand, secondary premature ejaculation affects people who have started at some time in their sex life, much later, after they started having sex for unidentified reasons so clear and precise.

However, regardless of the type of premature ejaculation, drugs, sexual abuse and interpersonal therapies are needed. Rapid ejaculation, as it is commonly known, has no cause although it is believed that nervousness, excitement and excessive muscle tension could be the direct causes. The choice of treatment against premature ejaculation involves the combination of relational and sexual drug therapy.


Once you have put in mind that you have a problem and you will fix it, a good thing to do is to talk openly with your partner. This is not easy but if you keep at it, you must open and make him understand that you also suffer from this problem and you’ve decided to take you in hand. By doing this you will not only increase the level of trust in your relationship but also allow you to remove a significant weight off your shoulders, weight that prevented you free.

Unfortunately, even if the fact of talking relief, it is not generally sufficient to cure premature ejaculation . You now need to find outside help. To do this, you will need to meet a sex therapist who will help you, step by step, to identify the causes of your premature ejaculation problem (which may be very different from one person to another), pass over your fears to finally regain control over your ejaculation, with specific mental and physical exercises.