A weak immune system can lead to many implications. Small benign tumor, the wart is a recurrent representation.

The Latin Verruca, small outgrowth of the skin of the papilla virus family of soft or covered with a thick layer more or less pigmented, small benign tumor that annoys or bothers many people. Recurrent and often difficult to treat and get rid of the wart is a viral phenomenon of order. Hassle for some, nightmare for others: some never will, but others spend their life with. Not to be confused with a fungal infection, eczema or psoriasis. So what is it that bad?

Who are they?

Stress, fatigue, illness, depression, these are all ingredients for the emergence of this benign tumor due to the proliferation of dermal papilla. It is an infection caused by HPV often called HPV. Suffice to say that it is contagious and prone to genetic research. It is transmitted from one person to another or on fertile ground.

Perfectly comfortable in warm and humid, she loves swimming pools, beaches and other showers, but above all, foot baths. Not less than one swimmer in two, according to some dermatologists, is a victim of this infection. Globally, we are not far from one billion, that’s how it is implanted in the human race.

Rarely a wart can be malignant. However, do not overlook a consultation if it does not go away by itself. The dermatologist is the specialist of this disease, he should be the object of the present offense. It may cause inconvenience to its location, especially under the foot to limp provisional. But she also likes many fingers.


A large family

Human retroviruses are a group of more than 100 types of viruses. Some types cause warts on the hands, chin, cheek or feet, while others cause urogenital warts. Infected individuals do not develop any visible lesions.

Transmission is possible without sex for warts located on the body after contact with another simple skin or a contaminated object. Usually those located on the body are not transmitted to the genitals. Get a to Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul complete your look True Adress for Hair Transplant .

There are six types of warts: common projection on the skin often isolated, trilingual on the edge of the nail, the genital reporting of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), the lifeforms (tapered) the plane (Hpv3) and plantar underfoot. The latter, more painful, is often confused with a horn, a Birdseye or callus. In case of doubt about the diagnosis, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Easy desk sharing with DeskFlex! Proactive capacity planning . Learn more about DeskFlex.


They are large enough, the remedy “grandmother” laser through the wacky. These treatments are not necessary unless the wart spreads or if there is pain. Include hypnosis, homeopathy, garlic, banana peel, lemon peel with vinegar, not to mention the famous celandine!, This plant with yellow flowers whose milky juice seems to work. Technically, we chemotherapy with, for example, liquid nitrogen, electrocute to burn the wart, laser and more painful injection of Aureomycin for force Maure because it leaves scars.

The weakness of the immune system may lead to resistance and longer care. The plantar wart is also often the toughest to eradicate. That is why we invite you to try this case as a specialist or psycho-energetic. Formerly called “quacks”, these specialists are very recognizable to treat warts, shingles and other complexities few sessions followed by some compulsory care. Finally, diplomats, trying to encourage him to take a vacation, you’ll see his character. the best thing is to forget, she will leave upset!