With the bitter cold, high winds, scarves itchy and excessive heating of the housing, the skin on your face is a victim of many attacks during the cold season. Dryness, tightness, redness and imperfections can be at the rendezvous. Fortunately, you can avoid a lot of problems, as long as it includes a proper beauty routine. Adopting good habits and choosing the right products, you allow your pretty face shining remain throughout the winter period.

Take habits

If cold weather, your skin tends to get to look like sandpaper, it is essential that you follow certain recommendations.


First, use a mild soap to remove impurities.


Never forget your makeup before going to bed.


Avoid carrying out potentially irritating treatments such as scrubs or too frequent use of very astringent and desiccating.


Instead, try to take the time to make a hydrating mask on the occasion.


Moisturize your skin, morning and evening, using a cream that will allow your skin to rebuild the protective film which allows it to retain its shine and soft texture. The film tends to be difficult to rebuild after washing, especially when the skin ages, hence the importance of using a moisturizer. Given the staggering amount of moisturizers available in pharmacies and supermarkets, it n?’s Not easy to choose one that suits you.


Choosing the right cream

Very dry skin

If your skin is very dry or exposed to the sun or wind, without hesitation opt for a cream occlusive richer. Some natural ingredients such as Shea butter, ideal for very dry skin. Skin aging tend to become lazy and therefore dry more quickly. If this is the case your skin products, Clinical Therapy and creams with chronically acid (often more expensive) will be all set. In fact, these products allow a prolonged and deep hydration.

Mixed to oily skin

If your skin is oily or combination, that does not mean that you will escape the winter drought. Rather, the frequent use of drying products or soaps too powerful, combined with poor hydration can cause skin reactions. In short, the moisturizer will not give you pimples, it will avoid you! Choose a lighter cream, emollient, non-greasy, ideally water-based, oil-free. Look for products that are labeled as noncomprehending or fit for skin inflammation.

Very sensitive skin

If you have very sensitive skin, you should exercise caution when it comes time to choose a moisturizer. In fact, some ingredients are irritants and potential allergens and should be avoided. Look for products that do not contain fragrance or dye and avoid if possible parables and proteins. In general, the cream contains less chemicals, the better! Promote products as much as possible at neutral pH.

Day cream, night cream?

Is it necessary to use a different cream for day and night? The divergent opinions on the subject, but it seems that it is not mandatory. The skin is less prey to attacks during the night is when it regenerates. This does not mean neglect. If you want to use a different cream for the night, opt for a cream that targets very specific problems, such as wrinkles. If your skin is extremely dry, use a moisturizing treatment at night.