How to overcome small obstacles that do not allow you to have some free time.

Free time is to be imagined as an inalienable right that everyone should have. It has many functions, most notably those to allow the mind and body to recharge, modulating the times to your liking and finding interests which are reborn soul. When the work comes to an end and the day is almost over, it is fair to succeed and carve a moment all to himself, to recharge your batteries, to give a new boost of energy to our psycho-physical self.

Some people, despite having some free time, they fail to use it better, or worse can not have! I’m always in a rush, even on weekends, and they always seem busy in a thousand commitments of all kinds, their minds are constantly under pressure because never has a moment of true relaxation. This in the long run is very stressful. Negative stress, as the word itself suggests, in the long term it really hurts the body and mind. Organize your time The first rule is to have some free time l ‘ organization, because if you are able to program the working life and family life, with all the normal commitments of children, school, homework, etc., surely you will be able to also have the ability to organize leisure time, even if only twice a week a dance class!


For example, the tango therapy is one of the ways to spend their free time in a fun way, preferably in pairs. organization starts from knowing how to better manage time, dividing it equally among pleasure and duty, not to mention that even the playful, happy and carefree must be a part of life, are food for the soul! Do not be afraid of loneliness If being and being alone scares you, try to overcome this fear or dread, since it could be a real brake make the most of your free time. Going to the pool alone, go to a party without a companion or a friend might be difficult for those who are not self-confident, for those who do not tip over their energy, but always in need of support “outside.” Free time is also done to meet new people and it is undisputed, therefore, that to meet new people can and should also face new situations, challenging and sometimes you do it just by yourself.

Loneliness can be a source of introspection and goes experienced as a kind of self-care, other times it can be seen as a stepping stone towards others and especially to that time that is not already contextualised in work, home and routine, or in leisure time. To this end also go to holiday alone, if you are single and your best friend will change at the last minute decision, it could be a way to overcome an obstacle and do not give to know new places and people. Among the nicest things to do in your free time, especially for women, then there is the shopping! Which irresistible choice of using just an afternoon wandering through the streets full of windows or a mall? Leisure marked by a drop of selfishness that in some cases it does not hurt!