In the list of the most popular health resolutions, there and lose a few pounds to quit smoking. As we know, the cigarette contains over 4000 products harmful to the health of people who consume it. As the years go and the risk of suffering permanent health problems increase. In these problems, there are those that affect the lungs. Even if you quit smoking (which is great news), it may be that you keep some pulmonary sequel. Having respiratory problems mild or severe could prevent a large number of people to move. However, with good recommendations and good training plan, it is possible to make a gradual return to physical activity. following is a training program suitable for all those who have quit and are struggling with respiratory problems.


With respect to pulmonary emphysema and acute asthma, I strongly suggest you consult your doctor before starting any training program whatsoever. The program’s goal is to improve your health and not vice versa. Having the approval of your health professional, you can begin your fitness process with confidence.


In the person who suffers from lung problems, it is possible to perform strength training at a moderate pace. You must make sure to take a break after each set of weights. You can opt for a basic bodybuilding program with the approval of a qualified coach.



With lung problems is when efforts cardiovascular type it is essential to go with moderation. Here is a cardiovascular workout plan 4 weeks for all those who wish to return to the path of the shape and are struggling with lung problems.


Even if your body has been damaged over the years, you see like me with a little determination, you can accomplish great things. The most important thing is to go slowly and give yourself time. Each workout you make brings you closer to your goal of fitness. If you are disappointed with the poor results you get and the idea of abandoning everything crosses your mind, keep in mind that it is better to move inch by inch that go too quickly and give up. good workout!