The Total Body Workout is a workout program that involves the whole body, with the accompaniment of music, and that improves strength, flexibility, coordination and posture of the arms, legs, abdominals and shoulders. During the exercises classics are used fitness equipment such as step, dumbbells, ankle, rubber bands and medicine balls. It is therefore an overall workout that involves the whole body, lasts 60 minutes and is divided into three main phases, namely heating, exercise and relaxation. Let’s see how it works and what are the exercises for the three phases.

The stages of heating and relaxation of the Total Body Workout

The duration of the traditional workout Total Body Workout is 60 minutes and is divided into three main phases. The first phase is the one where the heating is carried out a stretching dynamic. The first exercise is the march on the spot, during which he must perform the rotations of the shoulders. They are then provided of hops on the spot and it’s triggering alternately lifting your knees toward your chest. Then comes the phase of the workout itself and finally the relaxation that lasts about 10 minutes during which the exercises are performed with breathing and stretching , perfect to stretch and relax the muscles after intense training.


5 exercises of the training phase of the Total Body Workout

The intermediate stage of the Total Body Workout is that of training itself and lasts 40 minutes. The exercises are designed to reinforce those basic arms, legs, abdominal and shoulders, you can perform a free body but also with the tools, but also in the upright position to the ground. The first exercise is the squat for toning the muscles of the legs: parted legs and back straight, bend your knees, bringing your arms forward, and always to the rhythm of music to repeat the movement ten times by contracting your gluts well.