Sun protection – known as: The skin is good through the summer. Plus: What parents should pay attention to the baby’s skin, it also goes well.

Summer and sun galore: German millions enjoy in the warmer months, the beneficial rays of the sun. A pleasure that is not able to have an impact. The UV rays can damage the skin. Before they penetrate into deeper layers of skin, then you pay for the worst case with skin cancer. Particularly vulnerable is the skin of babies and children. Experts advise therefore to urgently tackle before the summer to a good skin and sun protection in the first aid kit. They also reveal how to protect small sunbathers best: For babies and toddlers, a sunscreen with a mineral sunscreen is best. These very fine particles protect not only good, they are also mostly water resistant. An important factor – after all you do not want to be disturbed by splashing around by constantly applying lotion. In the sun protection factor parents should incidentally be calm generous: For children, the highest factor to be just right.

Sunscreen is individually

Consulting with the doctor or the pharmacy is not only important when it comes to children. For sun protection is individual: not only children’s skin needs the right product. Fair-skinned adults need as a higher SPF than people with darker complexions. People who are prone to sun allergy, should best access to fat-free Sundays Angel. Specific advice of a knowledgeable pharmacists also need patients taking medications with photo sensitization of effect.


The dose right is what matters

Even with the dosage you should follow the advice of the pharmacist, those who save for sun protection saves in the wrong place. Thus the creams act, one must apply a sufficiently thick layer. Information from the manufacturers to the sun protection factors agree only when distributed about 30 ml of the protective agent on the skin. Who easily with a 150 ml bottle comes with a two-week vacation, it has done wrong. This quantity is enough for five creaming. It is advisable to stock at home with a sufficient amount of sunscreen. Good advice, because it is often difficult to find on the resort tailored for your needs product.

Healthy tan – it should also be careful !

Those who want to protect themselves from the sun with clothing should choose tightly woven, dark yet comfortable fabrics. A white t-shirt is not enough: it provides for maximum sun protection factor of 10 If it gets wet, the SPF tends to zero. Also important for sun protection in the South: A hat or a cap with visor. In the hot midday it should also like to keep the Southerners and enjoy a siesta in the shade of his skin.