The inner thigh is one of the areas subject to relaxation, you can, however, act with a strategy.One of the areas subject to early relaxation is the upper area of the inner legs. Firm the inner thigh is essential in order to maintain tone in a critical area that is often overlooked in the choices of workouts and sports to practice. Perhaps because the muscle bundles should be stressed in a specific way, often making the simple stroke is not enough. Without waiting to see that the area becomes ‘mushy’, you have to run for cover. And ‘possible to go even to act on nutrition which can lead, in synergy with the exercise of the improvements. Let’s see how to do it. Sports and Fitness If you want to choose the specific sport you can orient yourself to swimming, using the style ‘frog’ which operates a movement also emphasized by the water.


The acquaint that also leverages the strength of ‘liquid’ in which it is immersed and provides excellent toning of the leg in its entirety. There also remains a good alternative to the bicycle, in addition to working on the B side, it also acts on the inside. Specific exercises It also possible to make a small program home for toning the inner thigh. Simple exercises to do at home or in the gym repeat that allow muscle work concentrated in the critical area. Squats : It a very complete exercise that goes with a few tricks to act on many muscles. For the inner thigh legs shoulder width apart, toes outward and perform the bending. It must be done at least a dozen, then a little break and must be repeated the series. Compiler at least 3 sets. The objective is to get to 20 push-ups continue. Pushes inner side: Standing, left leg just bent, left arm extended outward, raised his foot a little forward, holding a hammer awake, now take it to the left and come back with the foot in front of you. If you have balance problems, use your right hand to find a support. Performed at least twenty. Then change supporting leg and repeat. The series to be used will be three for each leg.