The pain in the big toe, right or left which can be extended also involving the fingernail, can be determined by various factors. You can treat arthritis, gout of hallux valgus or the drive. It ‘s always good to consult our doctor, who will give us a more precise explanation of the discomfort we feel, helping also to find the remedies needed to be implemented, depending on what is the pathology behind the problem, Also in the case in which the painful sensation extends to the entire foot.

The causes

Among the causes of toe pain there can be the arthritis which is set up as joint inflammation, which occurs when the tissues of the joint are damaged or affected by a disease. In cases like these, is less functionality date, in conditions of health, from synovial fluid, flowing within the joints of the bones. Another reason may be the discomfort of gout. It is a disorder of metabolism, which is characterized by attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis, recognizable by and by swelling of the joints. The whole is determined by the deposition of uric acid crystals. Hallux valgus is instead a deformation of the foot, which is constituted by the occurrence of a removal of the head of the first metatarsal by the other. The term hallux rigidus refers to a condition characterized by a progressive decrease in the mobility of the first metatarsal joint.


The remedies

The remedies for toe pain are also represented by all the techniques that allow us to treat arthritis: rest, exercise, healthy, balanced diet and specific strategies to protect the joints. There are some medications that have been specifically designed to counteract the pain and swelling. This is the paracetamol and some anti-inflammatory non-steroidal, such as ibuprofen.

For acute attacks of gout can also use steroids. There are medicines that can decrease the inflammation of the joints and make the lower the level of uric acid in the blood. In case of severe pain, doctors may prescribe analgesics more powerful, such as indomethacin. The exercises to be performed are also strengthening, aerobic and resistance. To cure the bunion you are going to have a precise surgery of osteotomy, although there are available to the new techniques, such as the laser. Even in the case of the big disk, you need the surgery, to be chosen according to the severity of the disease.