The human body is, like the animal, a precious commodity. He has the ability to heal itself from wounds or disease, of which machine you can say that? A machine that repairs itself, we would be dismissed to the realm of science fiction, our body is doing construction work every single day!

Our immune system can be subdivided into an innate and acquired. As the name suggests, we have the innate immune system since birth. Regardless of whether the immune system with a foreign object ever had contact, it begins to respond. The adaptive immune system we acquire in the course of our lives, that is, we train it every minute, every day since we with bacteria, fungi and viruses, known as antigens are confronted. In order to keep them at bay and to destroy the immune system makes antibodies, also called immunoglobulins.


The various immune cells are made from coarsely worded:

1) macrophages, the bacteria and against
2) T-cells, which are used against viruses.

But also become faulty, the body’s own cells are recognized by the immune system and removed.

With these tips, you strengthen your immune system:

Try to go regularly to fresh air, preferably 4 times a week.

¤Provide a sufficient amount of sleep. Everyone has their own individual sleep needs. It is important that you are recovering in the morning and come with no sleep deficit through the day.
¤With a balanced and proper diet, you supply your body with the important nutrients it needs to be prepared well in daily life. Especially fresh fruits and vegetables provide the body with essential vitamins. In the winter it is especially important to ensure an adequate amount of vitamin C.
¤Especially the elderly and people with weak immune systems benefit from a flu vaccination. The vaccine protects against the real flu, often a sudden febrile illness that can lead to death. They must be vaccinated every year and does not help against common colds.
¤Wash your hands when you get home. You would not believe how many bacteria abound on your hands, especially if you have a cold contact and had sick people.
¤A positive attitude not only ensures that you take many things in life easier, but also prevents negative thoughts increase your adrenalin level.
¤Avoid continuous stress, this weakens the immune system. Treat yourself to consciously take a break now and then, where you can relax.
¤Sport is murder? Who said a light cardio 2-3 times a week boosts the immune system and keeps your body fit and supple.
¤People in an intact living longer and are healthier partnership. If you live alone now, but then there is no reason to despair. You can also live happily alone. Happiness, after all strive to find away not, it is in itself.