Your children do not come into this statistic we will give you some instructions that will help your kids to eat more healthy foods and become children healthy.

Balance the food

Some of his students have made major changes in their diet and lifestyle which has allowed them to lose weight significantly. Fitness adviser for the family suggested including in complex carbohydrates such as brown rice bowl, broccoli, carrots or whole-wheat pasta. Add proteins found in chicken, fish, turkey and red meat also help, although the latter is recommended to consume food from time to time due to the quantity of saturated fat you have. Finally, balance fiber through a salad with vegetables also contains vitamins and minerals help our children to grow healthy and strong.

children healthy

Give the best example eating vegetables

Children imitate what they see. If they see that their parents made a bad sign to eat broccoli they probably will. Instilling healthy eating is also an obligation that parents have to follow. Start with the parents so that they know that they are an example that there is no contradiction message on children added the coach.

Avoid fast food

These foods are quick alternatives, reasonably priced, and readily available to the food ready at home. Although they are inexpensive to who carries a hectic lifestyle they are particularly rich in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. They can also put children at risk of being overweight.

Consume whole foods

Despite the recent trend of plummeting carbohydrates the bottom line shows that not all foods containing these compounds are harmful to your child unless the case of complex carbohydrates, like those found in products with comprehensive presentation as bread, rice, pasta and flour.

Avoid sugary food

Foods high in added sugars like soda, cookies, cakes, candy, desserts, ice cream and some fruit drinks are often also high in calories and low in essential nutrients. Therefore, a diet high in sugar is generally related to obesity. In addition, excessive consumption of sugary foods can too cause tooth decay.

Try to cook with fresh food

Today there are many processed products containing a high amount of conservatives who do not help the smooth functioning of the body. Avoid eating. If you do not have much time when cooking your food previously frozen and seek out better food and so, your children can take benefit of all the nutrients.

Encourage your children to exercise

To attain this, the coach suggested parents excited about sports. You have to find a physical action that you like for your child to begin to see the example that if you go to the gym and you’re torturing your child will notice because the language is 80% physical and 20% what you say .