The hands are our calling card to the world and our greatest tool work every day. From the first moment to get out of bed our hands begin to develop countless activities that only end when you go to sleep again. At the same time these are exposed to various environmental factors and elements that may deteriorate and provoke several alterations. Considering how significant they are in our daily lives and how mistreated like every day we have some individual care to keep them nice and youthful skin. This time we will share a series of care tricks and treatments that can be performed on a regular basis at home to pamper this sensitive part of your body.

Wash them

The frequent hand hygiene is the first step to keep them free of impurities and those microorganisms that can affect health. If possible, they should be disinfected before each meal after using a computer or mobile after using the bathroom etc. Use a neutral and soft not to alter the skin pH soap.

Tips to keep young and beautiful hands

Use moisturizer

As many parts of the body hands need constant hydration to prevent dryness and cell damage. Try to take along a good moisturizer to use when going outside after washing or anytime essential.

Clean refrigerator

Detergents and cleaning chemicals are aggressive with the skin of the hands and they can cause problems. To avoid these consequences is best to use gloves cleaning whenever the household chores are performed by manipulating these elements.

Avoid using hot water

Hot water tends to destroy the natural oils of the skin causing dryness and sagging. Try preferably washed with warm or cold water.

Become a regular exfoliation

The dead cells accumulated in the hands make them look dark opaque or with some unsightly stains. To remove all these impurities recommend using a good exfoliating product either commercial or made with natural ingredients. Apply a small amount and rub both hands making gentle massage to act in depth. The manicure is a beauty treatment that can be done once a week to totally clean hands and organize nails. Inside this is cutting and filing nails included exfoliation and if you like paint and decorated.

Lemon to clean and smooth hands

The astringent and antibacterial properties of lemon are ideal to remove dead skin cells, bacteria and odors that often impregnated in hands. Rub a lemon or apply the juice before bedtime leave for 5 minutes rinse with warm water and mild feel like you are totally clean.

Cooling Masque

If for some reason your hands are suffering from inflammation or redness do not hesitate to put into practice a simple remedy Puree cooked and mix with a little olive oil potato. When warm apply it in their hands leave on for 15 minutes and rinse it with water.

Treatment to strengthen the hands and nails

If you want to reduce the impact of free radicals in your hands and nails, you with this easy natural treatment:


In a bowl, add the two oils and put them to simmer. Let stand a little and aggregates lemon juice. Pour into a bowl and dip your hands for 10 to 15 minutes.

Mix soft hands

If you want to have soft hands even when harsh weather changes prepare this simple natural blend with exfoliating and healing properties.