Good lighting can add charm and personality to every room in the house, as long as the lamps and the points of light more appropriate choice.

Some rules to improve lighting at home

– Multiply light sources: indirect lighting which can modulate the intensity, direct light with a lamp or ceiling light according to a specific activity (bedside lamp, a reading lamp for a desk … ).

– The interior lighting must never blind. Avoid white walls, choose rather the broken, beige tones …
– A ceiling lamp just above your desk cause is a huge shadow when you throw forward. Ideally, the light spot is on the side of the table. Prevents direct illumination of the chairs.

– Play with lighting to give volume to certain objects by placing the lamps to the side, behind or under the objects you want to emphasize. Lighting can make highlight a picture, an aquarium or the facade on the outside of the house.

– Install switches that allow regulate the intensity of light.

– And finally, before finally setting your lamps do tests to see shadow areas and prevent light glare.

Illuminate the kitchen

A central lighting and various points of light on the counter-tops, sink, kitchen and ultimately on each workspace is required. You can choose fixtures to soften the atmosphere.

The lounge and dining room

Opt for a switch with which you can adjust the intensity of light and allows you to adjust the atmosphere of the room.

Multiplies the points of light : soften the atmosphere. A single point of light, for example in the ceiling lighting creates a too aggressive.

Avoid spotlights above or behind the head, causing unsightly shadows and backlit. Wall sconces will mitigate the contrast between the center and the corners of the room, which can sometimes be too dark. Table lamps and candles always manage to create a cozy atmosphere. If you would like to know details information about Phoenix senior caregivers, you could choose here. 

Children’s room

Avoid unstable and clamp’s room lamps children . If possible, it is best to fix the lamps to the wall or ceiling and ensure there are switches to enter the room and beside the beds. Place a hose on the table desk.


Ceiling lights bathroom, the points of light and low voltage halogen false ceilings are very suited for bathrooms. Its position allows distributing the light.
For more specific lighting, for example around the mirror, should not be too aggressive. You can choose lighting on both sides with 2 symmetrical sconces, or even better, a mirror with several bulbs, so that the light surrounds the face.

Efficient lighting

For a long-term illumination, opt for the saving lamps. Although they are more expensive, they last 5 more than incandescent bulbs for use 4 times. Also opt for fluorescent tubes or “neon”. Compared with incandescent bulbs, it lasts 5-6 times higher. Due to its characteristic white light rather they reserve for kitchens or bathrooms. .
For a decorative or indirect lighting, consider using halogen lamps equipped with a regulator or low voltage transformer. They are more expensive than traditional bulbs but last twice.


Select switches with indicator lights that allow you to easily locate them in the dark. For the garage or the garden choose switches that detect movement allow lighting when needed without intervention.