Mosquitoes, wasps, chiggers, spiders, jellyfish, sea urchins: their contact causes redness and pain. Here are some tips to avoid them or treat them.

With good weather, it strips off to enjoy the sun but also has exposure to all kinds of critters whose bites, although not serious in most cases, are very unpleasant. Of course, there are ointments see treatments that relieve but we do not always have on hand. It is possible to reduce irritation with products that have been in the house or garden.

Vinegar to alleviate mosquito bites

At a dinner in the dark, it is common to suffer the attacks of mosquitoes. Except in cases of allergy, relatively rare when it should take antihistamines or corticosteroids can be applied vinegar water on the blister to prevent scratching.

The Onion to limit inflammation of a wasp sting

Again vinegar water can be useful, but can also be applied half an onion, or half a raw potato. Blackcurrant leaves wrinkled can also agree. Of course, in case of allergy and multiple stings better see a doctor.


Lavender against the chiggers

Bare legs when walking in the grass in summer, there is a risk of being bitten by these little pests that nest in the grass and whose bites itch enormously. Applying lavender leaves wrinkled on the affected areas (usually in skin folds: behind the knees, belt), it reduces itching and inflammation.

Chervil to treat spider bites

The spiders usually bite at night causing a red plate, quite painful and swollen. For quick relief, nothing beats an antiseptic ointment, but not too serious cases a swab infusion of chervil may be sufficient. But if the inflammation persists, then they should seek the advice of the pharmacist or doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic pomade.

Parsley against flea bites

In old homes a little wet, it is not uncommon for there chips prosecutor whose bites are rather painful. Parsley leaves wrinkled applied on the plate soften the fire of inflammation.

The water and vinegar against mild burns jellyfish

Contact with the filaments of jellyfish BRING buttons urticaria and burns to be treated by a physician is imperative when are very violent. In less serious cases, should be rinsed first with sea water the affected area (not fresh water as vesicles filled with venom would stick to the skin) and then apply above the vinegar water.

The oil to remove the spines of sea urchins

When he stepped on an urchin , the only solution is to remove the spines with tweezers, but to facilitate this operation, you must soak the foot in a cup of warm oil. We then apply an antiseptic cream. In case of multiple lesions, seek medical attention is required.

Heat against biting sharp

The RAM is a fish that buries itself in sand than leaving a backbone whose venomous bite when you walk on it is very painful. To relieve pain, apply heat on the foot to destroy the poison: you can set foot on the sand during that is very hot or immerse the foot in a basin of water as hot as possible or appocher the end of a lit cigarette to the bite but of course not taking care not to touch the skin.